Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Craft Table?

I've been itching to get some crafting done. There are a few Halloween projects I really really want to have done and up in time for the actual holiday {such as a pennant/banner} but I feel so guilty when I think of how much other stuff needs to be done before taking my sweet lil time making more messes and pursuing selfish hobbies. Well, I can't take it anymore. I have to do something soon or I'm going to go crazy.

One of the problems is where to do it. I have a desk in my office area, but it's dedicated as a desk and wouldn't be really easy to clean monitors and computer junk off of anytime the creative bug hits.

There's a store I've been meaning to visit called Locust Street Marketplace. It's only open Fridays and Saturdays from 9-6, and usually when the weekend rolls around I don't even give it a thought. I finally remembered today at 5:15! There's a cute, antiquated table with drawers that I was eying as my future new craft table but I can't decide. It's $125, which isn't much for a table, but it's a lot for a place to do crafts on, right?

Well, here it is.
These were taken with my cell phone. Click here for the picture from their site.
There are two drawers - one on each side. The paint has been sanded down so there won't be any more chipping.
*I should also add this table is 48" {side with the drawer} x 38" - it's pretty large and more square than rectangle. For a chair I'm thinking an old piano bench {for the storage} that I can upholster*
What would you guys do? Splurge to have a pretty and adequate sewing and scrapbooking table or find something cheaper? I'm really not sure! I looked all through craigslist in my area already and this is the best {that I love} I've found thus far. If it were $75 I'd have already purchased it...but another $50...?

*sigh* Make my decision for me! Leave me your comment/opinion and I'll do a little giveaway. Probably not for a Halloween craft {because I'm not THAT on the ball} but possibly a Fall or even Christmas/Winter little something. I'll make it especially for whoever wins. That's a fair trade, right?

{you have until Sunday night at 8pm PST} okay, I'll extend it until Monday night at 8pm since I realized it was a little more than 24 hours


Seriously... said...

You should totally buy the's only $ will love it and 5 years from now when you're still loving it you'll think back and be glad you made the decision :) I'm Evonne's friend btw. cute table.

mmclinger said...

Ok... I am so cheap! I would wait because once I buy something I always find it cheaper somewhere else! If that doesn't plague you then you should go for it! Its stinking cute almost breaks your heart to not display it all prettily in your home!

Leah Marie said...

I have a story to tell: A couple of years ago my parents sent William and I on a cruise (yay for us!) but they didn't pay for the fun we had on that cruise - like excursions and stuff. When we were deciding whether or not to fork out the money to go snorkeling, we went back and forth on how expensive it was and if it was worth it. We ended up looking 10 years down the road - would we still be regretting spending the money or just cherishing the memories we created. I have to be honest, even just two years later I don't even remember how much we spent, I just remember that we had SO MUCH FUN.

Evaluate how you'll feel about it in 10 years. If you're still using and loving that table in 10 years - you'll so NOT be wishing you had that $125 back. But if you think that table is just going to need to be replaced in a year or so, it might not be worth it.

Those my thoughts. Give me a prize. ;-)

Evonne said...

Okay -

1) You would love my friend Kendra (commented as 'Seriously' on your blog) - you should totally be BFF. Six degrees of Friendship.

2) I'm conflicted, too. I know how crafty you are and I know, if you found the right table at the right price, you could totally make something that cute or even CUTER. But, it's saucy as hell and the shopper in me says "BUY!". I know, I'm no help.

3) I miss crafting with you. I'm dying to see your new holiday ideas. Can we cybercraft? ;) That sounds dirtier than I intended...

love ya,

hillary said...

I like Leah's story. Except I chuckled at the 10 year part. I think if you use the table a few years it will have been worth it. If you love it, buy it. You'll be even craftier on such a cute table to inspire you! Do it!

shannon said...

at first i was going to say, don't buy it and try and find something cheaper at like, Ikea. then i thought, knowing you, you'd take that cheaper one from Ikea and make it all vintage...just like the one you love. so there you have it...don't spend the time or money looking anywhere else if you love this one. you know that if you buy something else, you'll probably always wish you had bought this one, right? i say "GO FOR IT!"

topsyturvytara said...

I say keep looking. Honestly, it's a CRAFT table. In those cases, a table is a table is a table.

Miss-tearious said...

Hm... Depends. Is it real, solid wood? Personally, I think that is a lot to spend on a craft table.

Adam & Rebekah Forgie said...

I'd only buy it if I couldn't find anything on CL that I liked or would work. Don't forget to check Kansas City, MO - I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for less and then you can make it your own.

Mom said...

It's really cute, but it's pricey and not really big enough for crafts. Craft tables should be big enough to spread out everything and leave it overnight if you need to and should be able to have some drawers/storage on the table top to hold all your STUFF! If you really want it and can afford it, buy it. You could always resell it if you need to, but you probably won't get back all $125. I think you should give me the $125 so I can come to KS & see it in person! How much for the rug its on? Did you look at that?

mmclinger said...

I think I am changing my mind! I agree with Tara and your mom... It might not be enough room for your crafts and what about easy breakdown and storage... would it break your heart if you spilled on it... I think that its alot to spend on a table that you are just going to make messes on! Your not using the table to display your crafts on your using the table to make your crafts on...and that my friend is the diff!

the keele's said...

i need cute decorating ideas lady! were moving in a month! i can show you pictures soon of where! so you can HELP! ahha, we all know your the pro.