Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend, Part II

A benefit sale for Meals on Wheels included 15 storage sheds of odds and ends. Tables, chairs, dressers, desks, tvs, bikes, you name it - it was there.

I left an awesome mid-century buffet behind due to a broken leg. I didn't notice it was broken until we started moving it. It was only $5 {I should have taken a picture} so I could have justified spending the money and fixed it, but I don't need another project waiting in the wings.

But of course I didn't walk away with nothing!

On the left is the coolest red suitcase. It looks brand new. It has wheels {in brand new condition} and two buckles. I think it's leather. I paid $1.The cool storage/carryall that is holding everything in and of itself is a great find. Its handle is a tree branch. Its simple design makes it perfect for holding magazines and maybe cookbooks. I think I'll leave it red.
Oooh, the contents! An old mini bundt pan, Christmas ornaments {I've been looking for old Christmas decorations (only the glass balls - most of the other stuff is tacky) and this was a great resource - not only because it was CHEAP but there were plenty}, milkglass chili/cereal bowls, silver candlesticks, and more ornaments in the box underneath the milkglass bowls.
I'm not sure what the original intended use for these little tart tin looking things, but I'm thinking a single cupcake in the center would be adorable. Maybe I'll line my mantle with them and place a chunky pillar candle in each.
These are my favorite of the ornaments. The long glass ornaments are made in Western Germany {the tag one still retains claims} so you know they're from the 80s or sooner. My guess would be the 70s. Then there's a teeny tiny ivory glass ball that's concave on one side. Lastly is an unusual green ornament that has the phrase "Jack be quick - Jack jump over the candlestick" printed on it with corresponding illustrations. What it has to do with Christmas, I know not, but I like it just the same.

Everything combined was $10. What a great way to spend money {and time!}.

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