Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My New Light{s}

I have been looking - no, not looking but SCOURING - for over a month for a vintage schoolhouse light. In my search for milk glass one night, eBay helped me become obsessed with finding the perfect replacement for my dining room light. I missed the one I REALLY wanted by 8 minutes back in September and kicked myself for weeks about it {the fact that I still remember it was 8 minutes should be the clue} until tonight. I FOUND another one {or two} that I love. This first one {above} isn't technically considered a schoolhouse light. It's more art deco. But the cool thing is that it's a restored 1930s original light. Fabulous, huh? I'm an eBay sniper so I got it in the last 6 seconds.

This one I almost freaked out over. I kind of squealed and said, 'oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh' a few times. The seller miscategorized it and put it in the Art Deco section, thus missing the crowd on the hunt for schoolhouse lights {and there is a crowd - I know because they keep outbidding me, me hearties!}. I asked the seller a question about the diameter and size of the fitter but being too impatient to wait even a day I went ahead and used the Buy It Now option. Double score.

I'll probably put whichever one I don't use for my dining room back on eBay. Yay!!! <---you can tell I'm excited because I NEVER use multiple exclamation points - it drives me nuts.


Nat said...

That art deco one is so you, Chelsea! So funny thing: have you noticed that when you go to your blog, the white of the lights looks like it has a swirly pattern on it? At first I was super impressed with how darling it was, and how cool it was that both lights had the same design. . .and then I realized it was your blog background showing through!

Patience said...

Well in my haste I used the Duncan Hines frosting in the can. I have never had problems with canned frosting before. This one eventually set up. I would love to have yours though! I know yours will be awesome!

LOVE the light! I have never seen anything like that before. I may need to join the group and search ebay. At least when we finally get a house.