Friday, April 24, 2009

Humdrums...but it's Friday

This week-end I seem to be in a funk. After work I don't want to do anything.

On Wednesday at 9pm Ryan and I had been sitting around for at least 2 hours. Finally I said something about going to the gym. So 30 min later we left. It felt good to work out. I didn't do any cardio but I lifted and now, 2 days later, my arms are quite sore. It feels good.

We worked out last night and I actually pushed myself - I worked up such a great sweat. So did Ryan. Each of us needed a shower after we got home - I hate nighttime showers. But then this morning I realized I was missing my iPod...which I already blogged about here. Piss and vinegar.

I'm hoping this weekend I'll be in better spirits. My house is a wreck. Absolute wreck. The carpets were cleaned {my sweet sweet husband did all of it!} last weekend and we stacked all of the chairs on top of the table, every piece of this or that on the floor is wedged between the chairs and the front entry is now {temporary} home to things that were under the couches or next to them. They've been like this for a week now. We've eaten dinners on the couch 3 times instead of biting the bullet and putting things back together. pah-the-tíque.

Cleaner carpets, a newly purchased baby gate to prevent the dog from creating more carpet-cleaning weekends, and warm Springy weather should be enough, right?

Let's hope so. Although now it's somewhat too warm. We refuse to turn on our A/C this early and have a fan going in whichever room we currently reside in. A little cooler would be perfection.

A bright note: I finally have my white milk glass cake stand! Thank you to an old Martha by Mail on eBay.

And, since my original type-age which I started about 12 hours ago, we went to dinner and ran to the store and I came home with some strawberry plants and a tomato plant and cage. Tomorrow morning is going to be busy.


Natalie said...

piss and vinegar. lol.

i love your cake stand!

Micah and Melinda said...

Cute cake stand its so you!!! Yeah for clean carpets!