Friday, April 10, 2009

Lawrence Deal {that you can get, too!}

I stopped by a yard sale by my house this morning {532 Brentwood} and was really surprised at how much new stock they were getting rid of.

They used to own a catering company and closed it down and are liquidating their supplies. I got this awesome silverware for less than $20.

only 25¢ each - so I got 72 pieces - almost enough for 12 settings.

I only tell you this because they had lots of it left when I was there and they'll be open tomorrow again from 8am-12pm. So if you need some high quality flatware, don't miss out!

To see how good of a deal this is, I found some of the same stuff online. Sweet-a deal, huh?

OH, and they had another pattern you could choose from - see it here.

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Micah and Melinda said...

Can you get me a setting for six? How heavy to ship do you think that will be? For sure not worse than the mags and I did a flat shipping box rate...