Friday, March 06, 2009

Around Town {part deux}

While most of the prime shopping in Lawrence is downtown on Massachusetts, there are many hidden treasures just a stone's throw away.

Let's take Antiques Plus! for example.

They are located at 642A Locust Street. It's right across the river so it's often overlooked, but it shouldn't be!

I like to go in and browse and see if there's a hidden treasure. And you can tell by the pictures you have to really hunt and dig - this place is filled to the brim and often spills out onto the front sidewalk and grass.

I love these chickens and the whole set up here. They have done a great job creating little troves with coordinating merchandise.

Then just a crosswalk away we have Locust Street Marketplace. I purchased my craft table from here last October. They're more of a gently used and second-hand furniture and goods store, but they have good prices, too. I LOVE the silhouettes of the children playing {top} and they're only asking $15 for it. Not too shabby. I'd probably paint the frame black and distress it, though, but that's just my taste. It would look great in any color or left as is.

The neatest part about this area is the whole facade for 642 Locust. Upstairs has been renovated into 5 different apartments. I wish I knew someone who lived there so I could see inside! Wouldn't it be so neat to live above a little shop like this?


disillusioned said...

Okay--so need to go there!

Ashley Trunnell said...

Where is this?? I really need to check it out.