Friday, March 27, 2009

My Future Child?

My Aunt Lorie texted me yesterday and said this girl looks like me. So I had to look her up. I don't see it! But then she clarified and said she could be mine and Ryan's little girl. So funny! Both her daughters said the same thing {without prompting from Aunt Lorie} so I guess it's true.

Anyways, her picture is from here {and all the photos from this post are as well}

While you're on her site, look at the AMAZING fonts you can get, for FREE! My friend Becka {I'd link but it's private} used them and was able to write her entire blog post with them. I tried but couldn't get it to work - which would explain the multiple posts yesterday that got deleted. They were tests.

Anyways, does she look like she could be mine?


exclusive_remedy said...

I can totally see how that could be your kid - she is adorable like you (but in a more little girl way than you ...) And I totally want to cookies from your last post ... yum.

Dan & Casey Ritter said...


Jeppsen Family said...

I love that you're growing a little garden! Are you loving Kansas? Those onesies are cute! I surprised that you had trouble with them. You are so good at that kind of thing.

Miss-tearious said...

Erm.. I don't see it. At all!

Evonne said...

Um, totally! :)