Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My {New} Blog

If you dare, you can read my fat blog here. As you can see, my first attempts {oh how depressing it is to see them from way back in 2007 - obviously I wasn't serious then...okay, I was, but now I'm seriously serious.} didn't really pan out too well, but I have a more definitive goal this go-round {for those of you who don't know - it's to get knocked up ;) } and I have more drive. I went through my closets and boxes of stuff as I was unpacking them {uh...last month} and would gasp when I found a once-loved shirt that I used to rock out. I have TONS of really cute clothes. I just need my body to fit back into them and all will be well with the world de Chelsea.

So join me for the next 6 months+ and we'll see how fit I can get.

image via LAC


the keele's said...

this excites me!!!

Miss-tearious said...

I need to hit the gym too, I'm really hating my body right now. So I know how you feel Chels. :/