Saturday, March 07, 2009

it's been a long day

Ever have one of those days? The weather was unbearable: not too hot, not too cold, but MUGGY. Oh my gosh, Welcome to Kansas, Chelsea.

I had good intentions all day - wake up before 9, go to the gym, shower, paint the other half of the bedroom, clean the downstairs, etc., but not a bit of that happened. Well, lie. I showered.

We ended up going to Costco. For some reason I keep having this feeling that I need to get a month's supply of food and, more importantly, toilet paper. Call me crazy, because I just might be, but it was the forethought of my week: Go to Costco, get TP and tampons.

$90 later and we left with toilet paper, canned air {who the hell pays for air in a can!?}, tampax, and indigestion {from the Polish Dog combo - which you HAVE to get when you go to Costco...have to}.

Then on the way home we stopped to wash the car {you fellow Lawrencians are probably thinking, you dummies, it's pouring! but ha! it's in the garage} and to get the oil changed and ask about a pesky leak the other car was having. Nice car dude says, 'Bring it in tonight and I'll get a look at it and have the oil changed,' and stayed open late for us.

That 'I'll get a look at it' turned into almost $800. shoot me now! you stupid Rodeo!? We JUST had you fixed! Yes, I know that was a year and a half ago but we pumped you full of money. We may as well have reupholstered you with dollar bills. bugger. buggerbuggerbugger.

Now I'm trying to get into the right frame and peace of mind to finish {or start} tomorrow's Relief Society lesson. I hope everyone is awesome and contributes lots of feedback, as usual.

On a brighter note, it's pouring. Not just any ole pouring, but a good old fashioned rain-thunder-lightning-HAIL storm. And the smell! I love the scents of rain. Had I known today's weather was a forerunner to this intoxicating rain-smellfest, I might have been a little less crabby with my equally crabby sweetheart.

Tomorrow's a new day. I hope it's just as rainy.

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disillusioned said...

Ahh....I love you're blog! My day didn't feel very productive either--although I actually got a lot done! Including my homework (well--at least the stuff due by midnight tonight)! I even got groceries, right as the big boom happened and the skies opened up. That was fun--thankful for a garage!

I'm glad the smell of rain has made it a little better :)