Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fab Finds

I'm on this huge nostalgia kick right now. I already love old items but add in the element of things I had growing up and I'm unstoppable.

Saturday morning I braved the weather and found this beaut for $10. It's in better condition than the one my mom is hoarding. {take that, childhood-toy keeper}. It's missing the magnetic alphabet and a few of its pupils, but the ones still with it are old old school - they're wooden!

I'm really impressed that the sticker is mostly intact and there is only slight water damage on one side of the school - leaky school pipes, maybe?

Then I ALSO got to sift through 4 boxes of old printing type - a somewhat trendy find, if I do say so myself. The best part? 4/$1. I managed to find CHELSEA & RYAN and LOVE. One of these days I'm going to invest in some thick cotton paper and print something artsy, then I'll probably put it all in a shadow box frame. And the bowl they're in was another steal.

Finally, these old pictures and a Christmas card. I got the card because I love the Santa so much and I'll probably repurpose it {or a copy of it} for a holiday down the road.

Not sure on the age of the girl picture, but the boy is dated with the photographers name and 1916 written in pencil. Picture perfect.


disillusioned said...

I LOVE the Little People.

Just make sure (sorry--thought I had) that the paint used on the old ones that are wooden doesn't have lead in it before letting a kiddo play with it (cause back then they weren't so opposed to poisoning their kiddos). I bet you can just research it on-line.

Nice job!

Mary P.

Miss-tearious said...

I'm so jealous of the letters you found!! They are super cool... :)

Heidi said...

chelsea, you seriously amaze me!

hillary said...

you're so weird. why would you have old pics of random people? Walmart has vintage f-p toys right now - you should check them out. your cupcake pics look amazing with that awesome fabric in the bg. LOVE IT! :) :) :)

Micah and Melinda said...

haha I understand where Hillary is coming from, but I disagree... just imaging who these people were and the lives they led is so wonderful! I get, I just don't have any room!

Vicki said...

Awww, can I come to your house to play??? I love little people :)