Sunday, June 21, 2009

Epic Post of Pictures {for your viewing pleasure}

I was looking through my camera card today and here's what I saw: lots of pictures {profound, no?}. But they were pictures I took and did nothing with, so I'm going to share a few of them here.

These are in no particular order and I'll just put deets on them underneath each one. Enjoy the ride!

These peonies lasted almost a full two weeks! They're from the Downtown Lawrence Farmer's Market. I've purchased all my flowers from the same vendor there each time {I can't remember the name right now}. Fresh-cut from that morning. When I purchased them they were in tight little balls and bloomed opened fully in 3-4 days. This was a half-dozen peonies.

Our backyard during a rainy-day downpour. I think this is from a week ago, maybe a week and a half. This was after 3-4 hours of SHEETS of water coming down. The missing fence area is on our list for replacements. It blew down during a winter windstorm.

Ryan's handy photoshop work with his dad's father's day card that I picked out. The inside played the Indiana Jones theme song and said something along the lines of 'and even does his own stunts'. Isn't the card awesome? I taped it on the top of the actual cover and sent it on its way. He thought it was awesome.

I love this little tree. It's a dwarf alberta spruce and grows quickly! We found it at Costco cheaper than we could find it at a local nursery {almost 50% less expensive!} and we have a new pot to transfer it to, hopefully that will get done, soon. The little plants around its base have YET to be planted in the flower bed along the front walk - but they're still doing great in their little containers so I'm not toooo concerned. Also something I hope that gets done, and soon.

The ceilings are all painted! You can see from the picture that the color that WAS on the ceiling was quite tan. It's actually not a terrible color, it's just the finish that drives me crazy...well, and the fact that the walls haven't been painted in 12 years. 12 yrs = lots of dirt.

Can you see the cool, calm gray? I love it. It's just above 'no color' and right under 'too gray'. It makes me really happy to walk downstairs and feel like the house is so much more open now. And I love the finish. We went with Sherwin-Williams' Satin/Eg Shel finish {it's spelled that way}. The color is Aloof Gray. The tallest wall will hopefully be painted tomorrow. I'm going with a blue color. I'll post more when it's done. Also, you can see a little globe in the picture. I got it at a yard sale on Saturday. It still has the USSR on it. Awesome.

I bought these peonies yesterday at the farmer's market. This time I got a full dozen. I really hope they last as long as the last bunch. Especially because I think they're the last peonies of the season.

Yard Sale Saturday yielded a Pfaltzgraff soup tureen. I love it. I wish it had the ladle. The pattern is Heritage-white and a replacement ladle would be a pretty penny {$39.99!} so I think I'll look on ebay until I can find one for less than $10. The whole setup, brand new, would be $99. I paid $3, so I can't complain.

Another Yard Sale Saturday find. Old school Fisher Price little people. But TRUCKS! I stuck them in soapy water and disinfected them with some additional cleaner, and in that process I loosened a few of the sticker decals. Any adhesive tips? I think super glue might be a little too brittle, but maybe rubber cement or gorilla glue?

Finally, I'll end this epic post of pictures with our dream house.

Isn't it gorgeous? Wanna see another picture?

I love it! It was in the construction process when we moved here last August and finished shortly after that. Then they finished the landscaping before the winter wind and cold set in. This spring it's just gotten prettier and prettier. Both Ryan and I agree the architecture and overall design is something we could live with. Okay, more than live with...we love it. So it's our dream house!

K, one last peek for you:

Well, if you've made it this far, you deserve a round of applause.

Also, I love my husband. He got upset when he heard someone possibly say something about me recently. I heard it, too, but neither of us are quite certain what was said so I'm not jumping to conclusions. Either way, it's really cute that he got upset and I love him more and more each day. Thanks for being wonderful, Ryan.


Becca said...

For the stickers, if its just corners try using plain white glue like Elmer's glue. If they are loose enough you can take off the whole sticker and use some spray adhesive. Otherwise, get out the toothpicks. And any extra glue at the edges will wipe off when its dry, so its ok to not get it perfect.

Oh, and using mineral spirits instead of water will actually clean up the plastic really well and do less damage to the decals. Also soft scrub works pretty well on the stubborn spots like ink pen. I should know, everything is Alice's canvas.

Micah and Melinda said...

I could probably live with that house too!! (no really its awesome) I love the old trucks and score on the tureen!

Gingerlylizzy said...

My dream house too! And gorgeous flowers! And boo to mean people who don't say nice things!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I love seeing your garage sale finds! I am free Saturday if you are going.

hillary said...

that can't really be your dream home - the garage is on the front!