Friday, June 19, 2009

Future Bath Remodeling

When we first purchased this house we realized it only had one shower. One-point-five baths for a three bedroom home. It just wouldn't do! It especially wouldn't do if we want to make money on this house when we sell it. So that's the main motivation.

Ryan used the Better Homes & Gardens Home Designer Suite and came up with these gems. I've added the text to the pictures so you know what I'm referring to, but he did everything else.

Isn't he amazing? He just started fiddling with it and took a few measurements and off he went and now we have plans to show a contractor.

Best part is that it will open up the house to a new buyers market. Especially considering we're in the midst of new paint {which is looking great! I still haven't decided 100% on an accent color, though} and our new bamboo flooring should arrive in the next few days.

If all you're seeing is $$$, think again. I'm such a bargain-hunter that I will always seek out THE best deal. If it weren't something we could do on-the-cheap, we wouldn't be doing it. And keep in mind the bathroom is just a pipe dream at this point. It will be much further down the road.


Micah and Melinda said...

love it, love it, love it!!!

hillary said...

What a cool program. I'm assuming the bath w/the w/i/c is the master? I'd rethink the shower. If it would fit I'd get rid of the cabinet & do a bath/shower. Since you have resale in mind you should make that change, even if you & Ryan would prefer just a shower. Many buyers will be turned off if there's no bathtub in the master bathroom. Trust me, I got my degree from HGTV! :D