Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Color Change

We got paint samples on the wall today. The colors aren't great. They're pretty, but not what I want. So I think we're going grey and grey. Way to be creative, right?

It will look pretty. My favorite colors to accent with are {well, besides white, that's a given} black, red, and blue. I'm going to repaint a little table we currently have in our entry way {yard sale find - $5) in a deep red color. I think it's time for me to stray from my comfort zone of painting all my furniture black or white and go for some major color.

Also, we decided on the bamboo floors. They have a longer warranty and ended up being shipped for free, so they were the winner. We should have them late this week or early next week and then installation will start the last week of the month.

I hope I still have a job by then! EE! Kind of scary, when I start to think about it.

Also, remember how I posted about this before? Well, I'm finally going to see a doctor about it and I really hope things get under control. Pray that I still have a job {mostly so I still have insurance!}.

Also, after 10 months of having my office in our loft area, along with my craft table and then a couple months ago we added Ryan's desk {are you starting to feel crowded yet? cuz I am}, I decided Ryan was right and it would be better for me to have the smaller bedroom be my office/studio/haven. It's going to be great! Finally a place where I can have a pink anything-I-want and not worry about it creating dischord with the rest of our stuff. I'm thinking about a cutesy chandelier along the lines of this:

or this:

{focus on the chandelier - I'm not having a crib in my room, nor am I having pink walls. I'm not THAT bad}

or even this:

okay, this, too:

but I will probably swing something more like this:

I'm pretty sure I could find something at a yard sale, paint it the color I want, then string up some crystals in a pinch and be happy {and for a lot less, which equals more happiness}. You can find huge lots of crystal pieces on ebay, like these here.

One project at a time, though.


disillusioned said...

Hey--about your health issue--we should talk. Went through that June to Dec. of last year. Researched A TON!

Mary P.

Becca said...

I had that when I was on the pill (it was strange, as I had been on the pill for almost a year when that started). So I stopped taking it. Now of course I don't have anything which is almost more worrying.

the keele's said...

yup i found one in my grandmas goodwill pile and i took it. just needs some paint and a few strands of beauty! it will go in delilas bedroom!!! way to branch out of your color!!!

Anonymous said...

i second the congrats on new color...it will be so exciting to watch your house transform (from really cute to really really cute???).
and how fun to have a whole room to do whatever you want with!!!!

hillary said...

You can get chunky plastic chandelier jewels at walmart by those gross glass gems in the "floral dept." btw I really like your new gray walls - I forgot to say that in the right comment.