Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Living Area Colors

We bit the bullet and we're having our downstairs painted starting next Monday. I'm really, really excited! Originally, I was leaning toward warm brownish/tan tones, still keeping it neutral, but we've decided on the flooring we're going to use and I think the cooler grays and blues will add a more modern look but still let me use all our furniture without it being too modern.

Here's the mockup {thanks to Sherwin Williams' site - which, by the way, is freaking awesome. I played on it for awhile} I'm currently leaning toward.

Thoughts? Similiar experience with not so great results?


The floor we decided to go with is a dark hardwood called Sapele. The sample looks great and with white trim and gray walls I think it's going to look fab {I mean, really, our condo was fab(!) and the walls were gray--albeit a much lighter gray, but gray, nonetheless}

Then I found this bamboo and now I have to talk to Ryan. They're about the same, pricewise, maybe $20 overall difference.


Dan & Casey Ritter said...

love it, go for it! I can't wait to see the end result! xoxo

the keele's said...

nice!!! you know i love love love the blue! i love dark bamboo and when we re-do our kitchen dinging room it will be dark bamboo! so cute. are your couches white?? if so your lucky. i want white so bad.

Chelsea said...

Our couch is still the same old tan microfiber one we've had for 3 years now. I'm thinking it might be time to get a new one? I want an actual couch and an oversized chair+ottoman.

Anonymous said...

oooo my fingers are crossed for the bamboo! see you saturday!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I vote for bamboo as well. Every time I've seen it someone it looks so good! It's really classy but not too formal. I really don't know why more people don't use it, because it is a more sustainable material and doesn't cost any more than regular wood. Can't wait to see your house once it's all done!

Heidi said...

i really like that bamboo!