Thursday, May 29, 2008


I got these in the mail the other day and I just love them. The background paper is vintage ledger paper (the ink fades in some spots - gorgeous) with a silhouette on top.


I finally got around to reading Twilight. Loved it. I also read New Moon yesterday and besides the 150 pages or so of suckiness (I was tempted - and almost skipped about that many pages - to just skip to the end) I enjoyed it. The best part is when they're in Italy.

Ryan read them before I did and thinks the storyline is VERY similar to the TV show Roswell. I've never seen Roswell so no comparison from me.

The writing could have been better, but considering it was from Bella's voice (and she's ony 17) and it's written for an adolescent audience, it's appropriate.

I don't think I want to start Eclipse until closer to when Breaking Dawn is released. We'll see. I don't know if I can hold out that long!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doing My Part - In Style

My sister Tara linked me to these ultrachic bags the other day: Neela Bags. While they won't work for her (she's looking to use it as a purse and we determined it wouldn't really be the best option), I ordered a few today to cut down on the number of plastic bags I bring home from the store on each shopping excursion (seriously, I usually come home with no less than 3) and adding to the pile of plastic grocery sacks stored underneath my kitchen sink.

Look how cute they are!

I ordered these ones. I'm LOVING the giraffe print and apparently it's everywhere this season.

I got the Standard Market Tote in both Raspberry and Giraffe and the Large Shopper in Ocean.

C'mon. $5 to go a little green? Awesome.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today Show - Infant Swimming Resource

I caught this while putting my makeup on this morning and found it fascinating and amazingly informative at the same time. Definitely something I'll be seeking out when we have kids (if THAT ever happens).

It's long, but if you have kids or plan on it soon, AND you have a pool, you'll want to watch this.

Just keep swimming!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Surprisingly Pretty Flowers

Whilst shopping at the store, I found these pretty flowers. I'm surprised Walmart carried arrangements as pretty as these (I know, they won't last long from walmart but it was 10pm.

Also, I received this planter box for my birthday last year and used it to grow some herbs that have since been uprooted for inclusion in meals, so I replanted some potted herbs.

I had been meaning to make these forks for plant markers but finally got around to it last night. They were pretty simple to make (I opened up my silverware drawer and grabbed out 3 forks) with some sand paper, brown spray paint, and pliers. Anyone want to know exactly how?

I love how they turned out. Before I painted them, Ryan asked me if I was making forks à la Dr. Seuss.

And I love that picture of the little oregano. Oh, and they make our kitchen smell herb-ily delicious.

Open House

I think our open house today is a bust. Maybe it's time to list with a realtor? I dunno, it's open until 5pm.

I have to say, our house is SO clean and fresh and spic and span. I love it. Too bad we can't always keep it this way (I'll totally take the blame for that one).

I started a blog with more pics of the house a couple weeks ago, only because craigslist and KSL only allow you a very limited number AND the quality isn't the best.

Chambery Condo in Orem

Go take a looksie.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Note to Self:

When travelling to a place where you're staying on the beach and will most definitely be walking down the beach and/or on the boardwalk, take a pair of shoes that isn't 1) 3 inch heels and 2) 3 inch wedges. Don't be so daft next time.

We're in San Diego (Mission Beach) and in-laws have a vacation rental (condo)right on the beach. Walked 1.5 miles up the boardwalk with family and 1.5 miles back. NOT.GOOD. The pads of my feet are swollen.