Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to the wonderful world of...

Natalie opened up her own Etsy shop! Cute earrings and great pricing (shop around on etsy...she's inexpensive!)

She also introduced me to Picasa. I'm sure I'm the last person who's not already using it, but it's fabulous for my own lil brightening I need to do on pictures. Esp. when I don't need anything fancy or expensive like photoshop.


The other day I saw a HUGE tear in our sheets and, of course, assumed Ryan ripped them (i've got to stop being so biotchy and jumping to conclusions) but he didn't, they were just worn out. So I found these beauts on Overstock for $40. They were offering free shipping and then I searched around online for a discount code, so after tax and shipping, I paid $39.70. My bargaining need is a disease. Seriously.

But they got here on Friday (I ordered them last Wednesday...now that's what i call service) and they're pretty pretty. I'm tempted to get the tan set for wintertime (our comforter is tan on one side --compliments the blue-- and a deep red on teh other side --would be soooo great for christmas-y feeling).


In work news--

Friday was our company's summer party and Taylor did a fab job of putting together SWAG for all of us. I'll update with pics later...but everyone was very very impressed. Ryan and I only stayed for 2 hours because he had to get to work (on his day off, can you believe it) for a kid's graduation. They happen once a month or so, not a big deal, but he's the only staff that wasn't going to be out of town.

I'm finally going to have a manager. Her name is Brooke, she starts Monday and I hope she actually works. I know nothing else about her at this point, but it will be nice not to be on my own little island in the midwest working on slack from the last two dudes who split. I have SO much to do that I can't believe I'm blogging right now (i have 145 tasks on my list---45-60 is my usual avg).

Okay, Kronk out. Time to make 20 calls before calling it quits for the day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


After the gym tonight I headed to the store to grab potatoes for dinner and was soooo hungry and snagged some baked fruit crisps before bounding up to the register.

What happened after I got to the car and opened the bag can only be described as utter.bliss. UTTER.

Only 130cals for 14 'chips'with 4.5g fat and you can't go wrong. These taste like a bagel with blueberry cream cheese on them. I will tell you that I'm now thoroughly addicted and will def. be stocking them in my house.

Oh! and if you go to their site http://www.flatearth.com you can print a coupon for $1 off...so it's only $1.50 for yum yum yum.

Fun new music

Every day on the drive home from work the radio station I listen to has a new mashup. I was looking for workout music the other day and found a lil gem that, personally, i think it's better than BEPs original Shut Up. Enjoy! If you like it, I found it on imeem (for blogging purposes) or just downloaded from itunes

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Pro-Breastfeeding!

A few months ago, Becka and I were playing foosball and were talking about something having to do with babies (prob because Natalie was almost due or had just had Sophie...too long ago to remember) and i was like, wouldn't it be funny if a baby shirt said this?

See Below, but you might be offended (that was my disclaimer).

So funny. Casey and Dan Ritter are expecting and last time we hung out with them Ryan told them my idea, so they totally want one, too.

In other fun happenings, I got this in the mail the other day.

Look at how many fun projects are in it that I can try to make! Even though it's in Japanese and I don't read Japanese, there are pictures and enough diagrams to figure out the patterns...plus, some of the figures have English...as odd as that is...I'll let you know how it goes...

Other than that, not much new happening. I only hit the gym once last week and so I went yesterday and Monday and I'm going again today. Already I've done better! Too bad I don't have a job that starts at 10am so I could workout in the mornings...totally my preference.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm an eejit

I'm making (more like covering) this box for my web-friend Liz's photography biz and I got the stuff together last night, measured the paper, and not until i was 2/3rd of the way done covering it did I notice that I covered the wrong one.

There were 3 nesting boxes/totes in this thing and I did the middle size when I measured paper for the large. No wonder the paper was off on the first sheet. sheesh.

it should be cute when it's finished. She does amazing work and will use these for newborn shots and whatnot. SO great.

I also finished my fave blankie so far (i actually have about 6 little ones done) and I haven't decided if i should keep it or just make another one for when the time comes. It's this really cute cotton fabric on the top and I embellished it with some over-sized ricrac, used some warm&natural cotton batting and a deep pink minky on the back. I haven't posted any to my ETSY shop because I can't seem to take decent pics of them. I'll have to do that when I have some decent light, so probably on Saturday. either way, it's sooo cute.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

UPDATE: PayPal Fraud

I haven't gotten the money back yet. All of them cleared my bank account so it overdrafted by $1400. not good.

Luckily, it doesn't pull from my savings account, just goes to a credit card.

Wells fargo is investigating, as is PayPal. I called PayPal for an update yesterday and they said it takes about 10 days to get everything taken care of because they have to make sure the sellers aren't involved in the fraud and if they have already shipped items, they need to be covered too.

I DID find out that PayPal is VERY aggressive about prosecuting. The girl I talked to said they've extradited people from other countries to press charges and there are people in jail for this kind of fraud. Makes me feel a ton better.

I should have all the money back within 5 days, but the max is 10. She did say that banks have more fraud than PayPal because they monitor things so closely.

I'm feeling confident it shouldn't be a problem. But I did change my passwords on all financial accounts. DO IT NOW!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Driving home this afternoon I got a phone call from an area code I thought a bit unusual, so I answered (usually I let numbers I don't recognize go to voicemail). It was a woman from PayPal who asked me about some recent charges on my account that she was reviewing and asked if I sent a payment to so and so today or if I sent any payments yesterday....uh, no, the last one was on the 9th...so, yeah.

Got home, logged in, looks like someone hacked my account and spent over $2000 from my paypal acct from a combination of my bank account and credit card.

Quickly called the bank and let them know, called Credit Card and cancelled, keep checking on paypal and changed my password.

Totally sucks.

My advice? Change all your passwords every year or so and don't have the same one for everything! What a pain in my ass.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

'arry Po'ah

Even though I'm not a huge Harry Potter fanatic, I was really excited to get to see this movie...probably because it was before everyone else!

One of the companies my company works with was able to get a VIP preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...I saw it at 3pm today. Kind of sad that people are already lined up for the midnight showing and a whole theater full of people walk on passed them.

Not having read any of the books (yet), I really really enjoyed this movie. I def. recommend seeing it, but leave the little kiddies at home!

4 stars (out of 4) :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My New Toaster

My parents are here this week for my sister's birfday and they brought up my car with them - hooray!

It's def. not the prettiest on the outside, but seriously, this lil toaster is so fun to drive and SO spacious inside. I would recommend this car to anyone (and I got a sweeeeet deal on it, so it makes it that much awesomer).

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Favorite Niece!

Today is Callie's 3rd Birthday!

She's been really into Hello, Kitty! and all things girly. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Chelsea found her a hello, kitty card with stickers inside.

I freshly baked these little playtime cookies for her, complete with pink sugar sprinkles. Hope she loves them!

Yard Sale Finds

Yesterday we went to get the air conditioning in my dodge fixed (long story, it's not fixed yet) so after we dropped off the car I slyly asked, "wanna go look at yard sales? I bet we could find some fishing gear for you." -- i knew that's all I had to say.

Ryan's been fishing lately (I'll show pics later) and his new hobby means he has shopping and searching he can do and means I can go look at yard sales and he won't protest. I don't really go searching for anything, just like browsing and a good bargain or new treasure.

Ryan found this awesome fly fishing kit for $10

and at the same house I scored (he he, get it?) this pack of vintage Uno scorecards and unopened 1978 Uno box. and he gave it to me for free! Thought it was somewhat rare to find a shrinkwrapped game from 30 yrs ago...yay!