Saturday, September 29, 2007

tis the season

a little bit of goodness for the start of the new (and possibly my favoritist) season

Thursday, September 27, 2007

In the dark of the night

evil has found me!

I have used the time Ryan's been at work to shop (and spend money I shouldn't) and make these cute halloween crafts.

These are painted and covered (more like smothered) in black glitter and a cute ribbon and tag added. I love them! I want to make a few more for myself. (they're so much cuter in person)

I didn't make the witch, i bought it - all the detail it has is too tough for me to cut out w/o a scroll saw

I like the ghosts, too, but I think I might try using white glitter for the next ones.

oh! and Ryan is finally letting me get laminate flooring! Our carpet is sooo gross from all the traffic and being on the ground floor...and from one puppy. So, we found a few colors we liked that are reasonably priced. Thoughts? These are the two samples we borrowed from the store. I'm loving the one on the left. what do you like?

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I love the rain. I love sitting inside with windows open, screen doors closed, just listening to it. I don't know why but it always makes me want to bake cookies. So tonight, I threw in a few pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (frozen dough leftover from Kayleigh's open house) and ate them while I watched the rest of The Wedding Date on TBS and browsed the internet. (I found this cute magazine online called SMALL. Anyone heard of it before?)

The only thing that would make this better is if Ryan was home from work and we were watching a romantic comedy or one of those spooky movies that I can only stand watching with someone else in the room.

Anyways, the movie is over and Serendipity came on, something I'm really not interested in watching at present, so I continue to listen to the rain get heavier and cease to a sprinkle...and I smell it! it.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is exploring a Chick Hatchery and the job is Chick Sexer...of course, the info on Comcasts guide hooks me and this job baffles me....who knew that you could squeeze poo out of chicks to determine their sex. What a fun job you have, Mike Rowe.

Nothing new on this front. I found the cutest stuff at Michael's today while I gathered some supplies to work on halloween decor. I have been looking everywhere for black glitter and it turns out that Walmart sells it in little tubes (i think it's a measly ounce) and NO ONE around here sells it in quantities larger than that. Darn it. Looks like I'll be buying them one at a time, as I can find them.

Almost finished with some other projects, just a few last steps to finish them off and then I'll post pics for all.

Enjoy the rain, everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


A mouse has been leaving little droppings in our linen closet the past few weeks and I kept telling Ryan we had a little mouse guest. He wasn't convinced because they were smaller poops and said he's seen bugs leave those before...yeah! in PORTUGAL.

So tonight when I got home from my cooking class, I saw this lil mouse-atouille hanging out in the hall. EEEK! I remained calm long enough to grab the heaviest thing I could find to contain him - a 2 gallon glass jar.

If he wasn't so cute, he'd have been dead by now. Think Ryan will be convinced it was a mouse, yet?

****update**** I think the mouse was *stoned* from the pest control guy coming the week before, which would explain why the little thing didn't MOVE an inch when my hyperactive pup crossed his path and when I put the jar over him. We have a glue trap and a more humane plastic trap/contraption where we found the first droppings, so hopefully, mr. mouse was alone.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Eieio. I just finished this ADORABLE little bag. It has three farm animals: a bunny, a lamb, and a chick (just hatched).

I posted it to me lil shop of etsy.

I think it would be perfect for church or going to the store or really, anywhere. I started these when I hung out with Lindsay and Shannon and their sisters on Saturday night and just finished them...they took WAY longer than I thought they would (mostly because I didn't read instructions, just went by the pictures).

I figured I would make 4: 1 to keep, 1 to give away, and 2 to sell.

I am so glad I invested in the MS Baby mags...such cute cute ideas.

Also, Kayleigh's mission farewell got moved up a week and is this sunday. If you weren't already invited, come! her ward starts at 2:30. :) Gotta love that.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Queen Frostine

I made a decent GIANT cupcake. Everyone at my office loved it. Cute, huh? I'd like to get a wider frosting tip for the top...i like the smooth/fondant look rather than the frosted look.

This is halloween this is halloween hallo hallo halloween

A friend of mine told me about a little craft cottage that has holiday items that are made at the Utah State Government Developmental Center. They have a little store where they have the stuff they make for CHEAP. I felt bad paying so little.

Look at the cute stuff I got:

this was only $1.75 (I got 4)

and this----

was only $5.75

I'll be going there from now on :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Projects done :)

Few projects I've been working on are now posted in my Etsy shop:

I also used my new cupcake pan!

Just baked:

I used a single box of cake mix and if you see, the top of the cupcake looks to be a little....well, small. So I think another 1 1/2 cups of mix would have been really nice to have. Maybe I'll have to use 2 mixes next time and make the rest into cupcakes..ya know..the normal sized ones.

And really, these are definitely not HUGE, but they're like, oh...4 costco muffins put together.

so next, this is after I leveled the cakes to I could put them together:

Then I used just canned frosting (being that this was the first one and
DEFINITELY not something I wanted to spend tons of time on.

Then I capped it with vanilla frosting:

I think when I actually frost it with some effort its' going to be darling. It's perfectly sized for a child's birthday or a smaller family birthday. I think it will serve 6 and still have a piece or two leftover. mmmm...time for another piece!

I also painted my bathroom last week and removed the towel bar and added towel hooks instead. Works so much better for us. I'll have to show before and afters later.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A little home decor

Just a quick picture for you. I found this sticker pack (Valentines -- on clearance at scrapbook store) and repurposed it. Isn't it way cute?