Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't forget...

Ryan's been at work since Wednesday (they went camping with some of the clients in Moab) and they gave all the staff a packing list. well, Ryan just happens to be the cutest thing ever...

After he left I was going through and noticed he put a checkmark next to each thing...

including his smile.

what a nut.

He comes home tonight! hoorah! Been weird (and oddly quite a bit more spacious) sleeping without him the last few nights.

Also, this is what I ended up mailing to Audrey...i think the little tag makes it so stinking cute! (she should have it by now so I'm not ruining the surprise).

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Loss of Wisdom

I mentioned a few months ago how I had a problem with one of my wisdom teeth and it finally culminated last night when I whined to Ryan that I HAD to go to the dentist and get it taken care of (it ached SOOOO bad all of a sudden.) I went to a dentist my boss recommended--one of his childhood friends--and figured I'd get it over with.

So Dr. Brian Isaacson's office (shares with his dad Dr. Ed Isaacson) was the best dental experience ever. shore, having laughing gas (which did NOT loosen me up, by the way) and novacaine shot into my body wasn't my choice of lunchtime fun, but they're brilliant! They give you a choice of movies you can watch while you're lying back and give you headphones to distract you. Seriously, if Seinfeld wasn't there to yank my attention from the doctor messing around with my tooth and tearing it from its roots, I would have freaked out a little more than I did (I teared up a bit from the novacaine shot...*shiver* me the heebies).

Genius. I'll be going there from now on. And so will Ryan.

Cedar Hills Family Dentistry
4565 W Cedar Hills Drive
General Dentistry
Contact: Dr. William Isaacson & Dr. Brian Isaacson

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Callie's "So you think you can dance " first audition

My sister doesn't post all the time, but when she does, it's 2 weeks worth of lil gems. This video is now on her blog of Callie singing one of her favorite songs at the moment.

If you go to 27 seconds, it's THE funniest thing I've seen her do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what the blimey...

I played hooky from work today...for a few reasons.

It was sooo nice snuggling next to Ryan for the extra couple of hours this morning. I'm always so jealous that he gets to sleep in a few extra hours when I struggle with NOT hitting the snooze button a fourth time (yep, 3 times usually does the trick). So I sent off a quick email to my manager (which is reason #2) and went back to sleep and snuggled with my sweet hubby.

Also, I'm really really really struggling to deal with my manager. He was hired a few months ago and for the first two months, seemed to come in and out of the office and no one knew where he was and when he was coming finally the owners said something to him and he seemed to be getting least the ratio of personal calls to business calls is in favor of business now.

But last night right before I left the office I thought of a customer I hadn't talked to in awhile and started looking through the notes for him and saw that said manager has just seemed to...hmmm...i dunno, sell him stuff...WHAT THE CRAP! It's so frustrating (anyone who's ever been in sales can empathize) that I've been in touch with someone over the course of a year and a new guy comes in and just jumps on it! I'm so pissed off right now, i don't want to be around the guy...I'm having a hard time working for someone I have no respect for. I'm going to ask him about it tomorrow and if he doesn't give me any of the credit, I'll talk to the owner --he won't stand for this poor business etiquette...just poor practice and lowers morale for everyone. Anyone have stories like this? Having to deal with something at work that is totally out of line? - OH! just found out a SECOND person. THAT'S IT!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

damn dog

I get an instant message from Ryan today that says:

"Our dog puked. I want to kill him. I can't get the smell out of the carpet/house from the three places he barfed."

me: "i'm sorry, hon, anything I can do for you?"

him: "I'm going to just burn the house down"

He's not in the best of moods. Anyone have ideas on how to cheer up a husband? (killing the dog isn't an option...yet)

Also! here's the banner for my etsy shop that i had someone put together. it's cute, huh?

I haven't posted the blankets yet, as I can't seem to take decent pictures of them. Working on it.

Oh, and the avatar i made:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

updates?! we don't need no stinkin' updates.

Just a quick post because I've been a little lazy to update lately.

I've been working on honing my sewing skills and found blankets to be fairly simple (then again, mine are only baby stroller sized!) and figured I'd try little shoes that I'd seen. This was my attempt. They need some work still, but I'm quite proud of them! They're sooo darling! I want a baby so I can stick her little chubby toes in them.

My old roommate Audrey had a baby so I put together a quick little girly blanket for her new one and then figured I'd send a book about being a big sister to her other little girl. I just need to get them in the mail soon. And post pictures!

The other day i get this phone call and it's from the lady I made those boxes for (but hers are quite a bit bigger). She seriously went on for 5 min about how much she loved them. And then went on to tell me I didn't charge her enough and she's going to pay me $10 for each of the next order instead of $7. Works for me!

Other than that, not too much has happened. Ryan surprised me with a bee-uutiful bouquet of flowers the day after our anniversary. I would post a picture, but I'm lame and didn't take any. but they were pretty pretty.

oh! and i got a new car. Pictures as soon as it's in my possession (in 2 weeks).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Anniversary Inn

Ryan and I celebrated our first anniversary yesterday. Because of his work schedule, I told him to take Saturday and Sunday off, in addition to his regular days off of Thursday and Friday.

We started our extra long weekend off Thursday afternoon. We went to Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake for dinner (so delicious, too much meat - what else did i expect?!) and then went to the Anniversary Inn. I reserved the Jungle Safari room (there was a whole theme to the weekend), which turned out to be bordering on hilarious and tacky and cool, all at the same time. We showered from the trunk of an elephant (they totally should have installed the shower in the ceiling and had a waterfall effect) and slept next to a peeping Zebra.

Breakfast was good, though. They brought us juice and hot chocolate with a yogurt parfait and some sort of ham and cheese turnover and a delicious cinnamon roll. Seriously, so good.

So Friday morning we left the Inn and went to the Zoo! Ryan's been wanting to go for a long time and figured this was as good of time as any. So we got there right around noon and saw every single exhibit they had. Every. single. one. It was a disappointment (a tad one) that they didn't have the hippo anymore, nor did they have a lion, but they had rhinos and elephants (what do you get if you mix an elephant and a rhino?) and monkeys and a really fun bird show. Left there at 3ish and went to the in-laws.

Dad-in-law was heading on a scouting overnighter and mom-in-law was heading with Jani to California, so James was going to be left with a car he couldn't drive (stick shift). We were happy to offer my automatic as a trade for Joey's Jeep for the weekend.

Saturday morning we got up at 7 and went to the Scera theater for Pirates. We got tickets from my office and figured, eh, it's free...and we can always sleep later. Great movie.

But we didn't! We went home, I showered, got ready for the day, then we met Ki and Micah for lunch and went shopping for a bbq we were throwing together for that night. Alan and Tiffany came with their little baby, and my sisters Tara and Kayleigh came, as did Dan and Casey Ritter. I think everyone had a great time. We bought $40 in steaks and I think we have more than half left. Yum!

Tiffany and Alan were the last to leave around 12:30 and Ryan and I were sooo ready to hit the hay. I ended up sleeping until 2 the next afternoon because I had a scratchy and phlegmy throat and a terrible headache. And I'd slept so poorly that night.

Anyways, all in all it was a great milestone. Around 11:30 last night Ryan cut into the top tier of cake we'd saved from our wedding. Chocolate something or other...dang, it was GOOD! Thanks to mom for wrapping it so perfectly to save it.