Monday, April 19, 2010

Master Bedroom: Beginning of Reno

It was August of 2008 when we moved in and August of 2008 when we knew we hated our bedroom paint color.

Last summer was the rest of the house but it seemed to be the Master we were putting off until last...for whatever reason, I dunno...

This Saturday afternoon I got a bee in my bonnet and was tired of all the moping around so I recruited Ryan the Red {he's probably going to kill me for calling him that, but he's so cute! I love his red beard!} and off to the H.D. we went. A lot of money later and we walked out with two gallons of paint and a cartload of painting supplies.

Saturday night was the ceiling and taping off the baseboards, caulking any cracks and spackling any big holes. Sunday was coat no. 2 on the ceiling {I think it might need a few touch-ups} and the walls!

One coat later --thank goodness that's all it took-- and I only had the cut in work {the green at the top of the walls that you can see} for today.

Next up: baseboards and door trim.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Future Reference

I'm toying with the colors and look of the tile for our bathroom reno. I love the idea of glass doors, even though it would be more work daily to keep them clean, overall it would give the room a more open feel.

Monday, April 12, 2010

May Baskets for You

I sold my last batch of these vintage May baskets a little while ago and decided they were too cute to send off without at least scanning in.
I'm sure you'll agree!

The originals were perforated for easy punch out and assembly, but you could easily replicate the effect on your own.

If you click on the file it will enlarge and you can see the cut and score marks. The originals are just a plain 8.5"x11" piece of cardstock. I thought about enhancing the colors on these before posting, but settled on the originals for their charm and nod to yesteryear.


Friday, April 09, 2010

At Work, Take 2

The other side of the room.

Which, if you'll notice, is where my newly finished bookcase will reside. Since there are two pictured, that means I've got plans to make its twin in order to finish the room.

Next to the bookcases is a storage bench seat. I haven't figured out yet how to make it, but it will essentially be similar to cubes attached to each other and a nice thick cushion on top with some pillows for lounging in comfort. All that empty space above it will either be artwork or rigged up to hold completed sewing and craft projects.

The scallops in both pictures will be painted on the wall and be a very subtle effect with paint. Since the walls are going to be gray, the scallops will be one to two shades lighter, bringing your eye up to the ceiling.

What I haven't managed to draw/find yet is the light fixture. It needs to provide enough light to keep the room bright for late-night working but be pretty enough to be the cherry on top. I'm thinking a chandy should do the trick. Suggestions?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

At Work

We're not allowed to have pens or paper. For security purposes we're only given a small dry-erase board and a marker. This happened to be a day when there were 3-5 calls per hour....that means a lot of down time.

That's a tv mounted on the wall on the right side. And the weird looking thing next to it on the wall is supposed to be a peg-board tool center. I'll paint it white. Or pink.

Also, technically, this photo never happened. That's also not allowed. *Officially*, I recreated it outside of business hours.