Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bumpdate - 28 Weeks

{another awesomely flattering picture in my office's bathroom}

I'm feeling great. I've been exhausted lately, though, which I read is probably a result of the anemia I was just diagnosed with, so it looks like it's iron supplements from here on out. I hate taking pills but it's a whole lot less expensive than steak dinners every night! I'm just glad my glucose levels came back all normal. Can you image me giving up sweets for the next 3 months?!

I swear, I've had a textbook pregnancy thus far, anemia aside. My face has started rounding out, boo, but I'll take it any day for what comes after these 9 months.

I'm feeling quite a bit unprepared for this kiddo. The nesting bug has hit but unfortunately, my nesting involves the need for power tools or money, so...lots of home improvement projects on my honey-do list! My mom is coming to town in 3 weeks, which kind of scares me that she'll be here to help with the nursery and there will only be 9 weeks left before the baby comes. It's a good thing the kidlet will just need diapers and onesies to begin with!
{taken on Monday - 28 weeks}

We've been slowly stocking up on everything else. The big things are already taken care of, now it's just a matter of getting it all set up! But first, painting the nursery/guest room.
{where Gran comes in}
This silly job of mine gets in the way of that...

Also, I turned 29Again on Thursday. Yikes. This birthday was infinitely better than last year's. My sweetheart brought me home some beautiful flowers with a sweet note that made me cry {which is a daily occurrence lately}, I went to our Relief Society activity that my friend Bren and I were in charge of {cake decorating! how fitting!} and the sneaky girls on my committee decorated the kitchen for my birthday! Additionally, a few sweet friends spoiled me with flowers, notes, and other lovelies. It was such a great day and I'm so lucky to have everything I do.

Saturday I ventured out on my own for a pedicure and to see if I could get a last-minute massage (didn't happen) and a little thrift store shopping and ending the night with friends and their little darling at a BBQ joint out of town that was FAB.U.LOUS. New fave.

All in all, February has been a great month!

Bring on March.

Cravings: taco bell nachos, chips and salsa, wedding cake
Weight gained thus far: 20 lbs :(
Feeling: Good! Starting to make involuntary noises when I bend over
Sleeping: GREAT. I can still sleep in the same position I always have. Double points for baby!
Nesting: I made a little soft toy! Made from this pattern, but modernized.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Building a Nursery

Exciting Friday night here at the Alexander house.

We dined on a delicious dinner of pulled pork sammiches (a la Biemer's BBQ) and onion rings, washed down with coke/diet coke for mr. and me (respectively), and I rejected the suggested movie and alternately suggested going to the theater to buy popcorn and come home and watch something we have in our colección--which is large--but that was also rejected.

So, we came home and he got on his computer and I played Super Mario Bros. downstairs on the Wii.

We're a thrill-a-minute around here!

I was about to fall asleep at 9:30pm, but then we started tonight's episode of Nikita.

Still awake? Good. I dozed off for a minute.

So, I have been planning the nursery.

Here's the crib we bought, which has been sitting in the back of the car for the last...oh...month?
And then last night I bought this fabric for bedding:
which, doesn't look like this really, because I found a pillow made from it on etsy:
{source found by clicking on image}
I'm pretty excited.

I haven't decided exactly what look I'm going for, all I know is that the words 'farm-house' 'modern' and 'vintage' need to fit in there somewhere.

I'm actually really antsy to get going on some projects. Maybe it's the nesting bug I keep hearing about. If only I didn't have to work this weekend I could get cracking on them! Good thing that's what I have Monday for!

Not that anyone cares, but here's more inspiration I've gathered for this kidlet's abode.
Building a Nursery Board

Starting with that foxy little fox. Felt will be ordered tomorrow.