Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If Only There was a Fence

I've decided I'd like chickens.

We had little chickens when I was growing up. From ages 13-15, or round about there, we had chickens illegally in our backyard, alongside my 4-H goat and my bunnies.
{This is kind of what my bunnies looked like. Google Jersey Wooley Rabbit and look at the babies. ADORABLE}

But look how cute these are! I want chickens. No rooster, just a few egg-laying chicks.

Here's the problem. Our pot-smoking, beer-loving neighbors have two dogs. Two HUGE dogs. One is a doberman and the other is something else. But they're huge and they would kill chickens with one bite.

So, I think we need a fence.

Chickens would be minimal care, eat all the bugs for some great protein, and I'd even let them have a strawberry or two. And just think of all the fabulously fresh eggs!

The city of Lawrence now allows 5 chickens per household. Awesome, right? So, as long as there aren't any roosters I don't think any neighbors would mind.

Obviously not this year, since we'd do a vinyl fence and those are $$$, but maybe next?

Anyone have chickens? Pros? Cons?