Monday, March 03, 2008

In Colorado

On borrowed internet. Ryan's at the University of Northern Colorado for his interviews today. I'm chillin at our ghetto hotel (damn my frugalness) watching tv and debating a quick shower now or if i just wait until i want to actually do something.

I'm using the unsecured wireless from the hotel next to us. How funny is that? I think the even sadder part is that it's just as fast as our Comcast we pay a boatload for at home and the signal is weaker here...must look into that.

Anyways, today I'm going to try to make a baby teether from some sweet-potato colored wool felt for my soon expected new niece. I'm craftlifting this:


Aren't those cute? I'm not using the brightly colored green for the leafy greens, but I've opted for a more subtle, natural looking green. I'm also making it a rattle/toy by adding a bell to the top part of the carrot.

So, let me tell you about this trip. It's been the what-can-go-wrong-has trip. We left our house 30 min later than we'd wanted to. I packed the bags from the bed, Ryan grabbed the pooch for his depositing to my mother in laws (thanks for watching him!). We get to the middle of Parley's Canyon, just outside of SLC and we know we won't be saving much time on this drive. The roads were HORRIBLE through the canyon. So we get through that, and then I hear Ryan gasp. He FORGOT his SUIT! All his hanging up clothes for today's interviews were still in our closet. NOT good. Since we were in Park City I asked him if he wanted me to turn around and we could go through Provo Canyon, hop back up. At this point, we were about an hour into the trip so he thought, "no, let's just keep going. We need to get there and if worse comes to worst, we can go to Wal-Mart for some slacks and a shirt and tie." Needless to say he was in a foul mood from Utah to Rawlins, WY.

Weather was worse than we thought it would be. We saw 3 semi's flipped over, 1 uhaul on it's side (after I said I hoped everyone was okay, I also wondered if they opted for the insurance for that rental...), were stopped for 30 minutes. Like, completely. We turned the car off and debated playing our travel yahtzee we have stowed in the car, but instead opted to sing along and make fun of the terrible country songs from the only station we could get (mind you, had we REALLY cared we could have grabbed either of our laptops or ipods and watched a movie).

We planned on arriving to Greeley around 3:30 or 4pm to make it to the dinner hosted by the current students and faculty at 5. We rolled in at 5:45 and were weary and grumpy, but Ryan wanted to make an appearance.

So immediately after that we checked into ghettotown (k, really, once you're asleep and lights out, who cares, right?) and went to Kohl's and found him some clothes for today. Okay, he looks smokin hot. Mmm. I picked out his clothes, and I'm wishing I snapped a picture of him this morning. We got him a black argyle sweater and a light green fitted shirt, a yellow/beige tie, slate grey slacks and a belt. We got lucky and the shirts were buy one get one, as were the ties. But still, at $28 each...we were set back a pretty penny. The belt was marked $25 but when we paid ended up being on clearance for $7.50, the sweater marked down from $19 (a clearance price at that) to $10 at checkout. Hoo-rah!

We grabbed dinner at TGIFridays (we didn't eat at the dinner because we were so late, even though it was a potluck and very casual...) which was SOOO good.

Okay, so that's our trip thus far. Greeley is beautiful and MUCH bigger/nicer than I thought. I'm debating doing some exploring and looking for some of the houses I've been saving online at or just making my little teethers. Maybe I'll do that tonight.


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Natalie said...

Funny... Sophie actually has a rattle shaped like a carrot. She loves throwing it around :) I would put the bell on the inside of the carrot in case it comes off for some reason. (I'm convinced baby saliva has acid in it.)