Sunday, August 17, 2008

Antiquing - Thrifting - Yard Sale Finds

One of the things I love most about living in Kansas is the quick access to vintage and antique items.

We all woke up Saturday morning {Mom, Dad, Ryan and I} and had a list of yard sales we were going to hit - there were 57 in Lawrence on Saturday alone.

While we selected just under 10, I think we could have made better time and gotten to a few more but my mom likes to take her time and look through everything. I'm much faster.

Either way, I got this Willow Tree figurine for a dime. Yup, $0.10.

Since I was on the hunt for dressers and end tables and night stands, I found these.

Thrifted for $15 for the pair. I'll have to refinish the top of the one w/out drawers. The veneer flaked off. That's okay. It's natural wood.

After the yard sales we went to an antique mall to pick out a few treasures. Besides the milk glass I picked up, I found these really mid-century modern candlesticks. I hoped Ryan would like them because of their unique and sleek style. After getting home I tried figuring out their origin. The sale tag said they were Danish, and there are two interlocking O's on the felt on the base.

It turns out they're by an artist named Rude Osolnik. One auction house estimates their value between $200-$300. I scored them for $3.80. Yes, you may insert your envy (here).

I'm thinking I'll do a weekly yardsale/antiquing post. Put it on your calendars, kids!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those candlesticks are fabbo! And both tables have great lines. I think I'd cover the top of the one with drawers with tiles, then paint to coordinate with a color in the tiles.

mmclinger said...

I love a great find... I wish i had your talent for refinishing and seeing beauty and potential where there is none! I love the candle sticks and just so you know my birthday is coming up...j/k its not for a few months!

Leah Marie said...

Consider my envy inserted. That is seriously awesome.