Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Updated Bathroom {and more}

My mom and dad were out here a few weeks ago and my awesome mother {happy birthday today!} decided she'd not only jumpstart the progress on our house update, but she'd redo our main bathroom for us. Wahoo! She seriously is a master with a powertool. She's very detail oriented. I had to sit back and laugh {inside} as she was fraught with anxiety about the space behind the toilet being perfectly painted. In fact, even when cleaning it I didn't even think to look at it. Also notice the white ceiling. {who paints the ceiling the same color as the walls?!}

Anyhoo, this is the before and after:

My mom rocks. Go ahead, just dream about having her around your house. oh, too bad. she's taken.

I just finished putting the frame on the mirror this afternoon. The adhesive is probably still tacky.

So, one room down, 6 to go.

These are a few picture frames and mirrors I've picked up over the last few weeks.

I've decided to put a collage of mirrors on the wall by the stairs, sort of on the landing. I was going to do it above the mantle, but I think I have other plans for there. Who knows, it might change. Anyways, they'll all be white and in various states of distress. The large ornate one is wood coated in some sort of plastic finish. This made it much easier to paint and finish.

The mirrors are definitely antique. The finishing paper on the back was so worn through that I had to reinforce it with some tape. The littlest one is resin. It's actually a tabletop mirror, so I think hanging it with ribbon and ditching the little easel-backer-thingy will be the best solution.

I found a set of linen placemats, napkins, and a table runner at a benefit yard sale that have an intricate border crisply cut through the fabric. Not antique or even vintage for that matter, but a great find, nonetheless.

Finally, my Farmer's Market flowers for this week: $10

What a lovely way to welcome the Fall.

P.S. Ryan's gotten scarily good at catching flies out of mid air. With his hand. It's his new party trick.


mmclinger said...

Micah does that, it grosses me out! Do they not realize where those suckers hatch from. I love you bathroom way to go Darcy!

shannon said...

yeah, good job darcy! the bathroom looks awesome, i need to hire her next time she's in town!

Patience said...

I LOVE the color your chose!

hillary said...

Your bathroom looks awesome! Way to go mom! So I definitely might steal your color! Tell me again what it is???