Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bird in the Belfry

Amidst the crazy week of flooring, cleaning, flooring, more cleaning, baby shower planning, girl's camp planning, even more flooring, etc, we found a moment to laugh and have fun.

A little bird flew into the garage so we left the garage door open, giving him a chance to find his way out. Instead, he flew through the open door {Ryan was moving things in and out} leading from the garage to the laundry room and kitchen. If you remember, we have cathedral ceilings. You can guess what happened next. Yep, the little bird found his way upstairs and into the bedrooms.

I captured him nestled among the branches I have arranged next to one of the beds.

Did you miss him? Oh, here he is!

A quick-thinking screenfromwindow-dectomy later and we shooed the fancy flier to freedom.


Karen Ruth said...

That's hilarious! It looks like you planned to have him right in that spot. By the way, I absolutely love the color on the walls! It makes me think of Tiffany's...always a good thing!

Great shower today, by the was perfect!

Chelsea said...

Karen - you would probably not like the wall colors if you saw them in person. I'll have to show you if you come over on Saturday (craft day). They're a horrible, icky, no-good, gengrene kind of green. And the color is the same on the ceiling. It looks much nicer in this picture :) I wouldn't mind a tiffany box blue :)

Micah and Melinda said...

You now need to buy a fake feathered friend to live in those branches... he looks so sweet!

vmmh said...

how i don't envy you your little friend. i probably would have tried to kill the thing with MY little friend, the .9mm--jk but not really.
can you tell i hate hate HATE (read: am afraid of) birds?

Becka Dietrich said...

How funny! It seems like birds are daredevils. Instead of flying just 3 or 4 feet higher to avoid cars on the road, they barely skim the bumper. Caught in a garage, they go further into the house!
Hope he didn't poop anywhere on the new floors.