Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surprise! {My Last-Minute Trip to Arizona}

My big sis, Hillary, had her fourth child almost 2 weeks ago. Miss Adelyn was born on the 28th of January, with a head full of deliciously dark hair.

Her friends Abby and Summer insisted on throwing her a little celebration shower, even though Hillary resisted. But, Hillary's the one that always says every baby needs to be celebrated. I guess it just doesn't apply when it comes to her babies. Either way, a party was had. Here is the guest of honor at the party.
I think it's insanely cute how grumpy she looks here. And she looks like a little indian bebe.

And here are just a few of the girls at the shower. Top row is her friend Kate, her best friend Wendy (who drove down from Utah and surprised Hillary at the shower!), Summer, Hillary, Abby. Then it's me (she also didn't know I was coming! my dad called me on Thursday afternoon and asked if I wanted to fly into town in the morning), Tara, Mom, and Kayleigh (suprise, too! She drove down with Wendy).
Our family kind of likes surprises, if you couldn't tell!

I just got home last night. It was a great trip but I'm really glad to be back. I missed my sweet boyfriend and sleeping in my own bed.

P.S. I thought I should also include the pictures I took of dinner on my first night there. My parents are a 'backup' family for the missionaries and this resulted in delicious mexican food and a 28" burrito being shared between the two elders and my padre. Mmm...I could go for some of that right about now!


Becka Dietrich said...

HA - the grumpy picture is SO funny. "Knock it off with the flash!" Glad you were able to go home to visit your sister. You look good - your face looks slimmer. Nice work.

laura said...

beautiful baby! i adore the name adelyn. it was one of my picks before we knew jake was a boy.

LOVE that you call your husband your 'boyfriend'! that is too cute!


throwing three showers in may and would absolutely love any ideas you might have!

bridal shower: going off the 'something old something new, something borrowed something blue' saying. colors will be turquoise silver & black.

baby BOY shower: think the colors will be gray, yellow and white but not totally committed to it yet. also thinking of doing gray, turquoise, orange and white but thinking i might be 'over' blue since the bridal shower will be the week before.

baby GIRL shower: co-throwing this with someone else. i won't be as involved but would love to hear any suggestions you might have!!

whew that was long. SORRY!

Cait said...

I bet you went to Mesa. I can tell by everyone's hair.

PS -The baby is super cute!!

Chelsea said...

haha, Cait! Nope. Close to Las Vegas. But everyone in the picture is LDS, so....

hillary said...

LOL @ Cait - that is AWESOME! haha! And I think Becka's comment is RIGHT ON - knock it off with the flash! Thanks for coming Chels! What a great surprise!!!