Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bowties & Pearls Dinner Party: Invitation

Ryan's birthday was last week. What better way to celebrate than a party?

To ease him into the idea of dressing up for his own party {he's not the biggest fan of dressing up} I suggested the party to him a month ago.

It worked out perfectly!
After many printing mishaps, I ended up using 3 different shades of blue cardstock for a meager 11 invitations. I designed these through the Silhouette software and printed from my regular ole' printer.
The vellum envelopes and the confetti were all custom-cut. Some by hand, some by machine. Then the envelopes were glued together, filled with confetti and glued to the invitation.

The fancy silver sleeves were from the craft store, as were the envelopes.

Luckily, this hodge podge of elements was perfect for setting the theme.

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Becka Dietrich said...

Absolutely darling. You should write a book Chels. You have such great ideas.