Sunday, November 04, 2007

Deal of the Day

With holiday baking currently the default of my thoughts, I am trying to think of ways (in a list format - to save time in the future) to make life easier.

I've seen Silpats used in many a competition on the Food Network and everyone from Alton (oh how I love thee and your bill-nye-of-food-genii)to Nigella use them. I'm not really wanting to fork out $25+ for a piece of fiberglass and silicon though...who would, right?

But in my last baking adventure I decided I was going to be too lazy to wash the pan after my batch of cookies were baked and I used parchment and of itself isn't cheap. SO, found a GREAT deal on Amazon for different sizes of Silpat mats.

a smallish one here

and a standard sized one here

And since I bought both I received free shipping. who's the shiz?

oh yeah, that'd be me.


shannon said...

i've been dying for a Slipat for years now and still can't bring myself to purchase one. maybe i'll do it like you did!

Gingerlylizzy said...

You will have to let me know how well they work! I have wanted those for awhile now...

Leah Marie said...

We got a silpat when we got married. Best thing ever.