Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! (almost)

Evonne already posted about our saturday evening last week. And I mentioned some little tidbits about it, but I got my 2nd stocking done this week (3 to go) and wanted to post some pictures. I had grand designs of getting 6 or 7 made and really whipping them out, but I got so flippin frustrated with the darned fabric that I only did one that night...and not even to completion. I ended up sewing on the buttons Sunday and making the other one on Monday. The one with the flower will be mine and Ryan's is the one with the trees. I'm digging the flower, but I think I actually LOVE the Christmas tree buttons I found for Ryan's. I'm not sure if I'll embroider our names on them, either. We'll see. I fell in love with that red cranberry colored wool felt I used, but it was $25/yd...TWENTY-FIVE! If you know me, and you know I'm cheap, I almost fainted when I saw how much it was. I didn't have time to make another stop for a different store and no coupons in hand for this little Quilting Cottage I got it at. The cream pom-pom trim is from Moda and was only $2/yrd. A bargain if you ask me. It adds so much to the overall look.

Yesterday at work we had our monthly company activity. This time we had our First Annual Turkey Shoot (film fest) and filmed a few movies in teams and they rented the theater down the street from us for an hour and had an open concession stand. First time popcorn didn't cost me $5 :)

This was ours: A Napolean Dynamite Trailer/Teaser/Movie in 4 Minutes

Chad is a pretty convincing Napolean. The sound isn't the best, but we had so much fun. I can't get the one that I liked the best to load, but I'll get it.

They had our Film Fest on the marquee at the sticky shoes theater in AF. We work a lot, huh?


exclusive_remedy said...

Man you are a great director and videographer. I am amazed at your skills. And the splicing in of the actual movie in those few scenes was genius! Cute stockings by the way.

Natalie said...

CHELSEA!! LOLOLOLOL!!! I miss you guys! Chad makes a perfect Napoleon. I swore you did a voice over, but I realized it was HIM talking. Everyone was awesome! And now I see how your windshield got broken... was that a grapefruit?

Tell everyone HI for me and Happy T-day! (Oh, and it's 65 degrees here. Haha.)