Thursday, November 01, 2007


Or National Blog Posting Month.

This means you'll get a new post from me each day. Don't start high-fiving each other too soon, though. You'll get sick of it after day 4, I'm shore.

But later this month I DO have a giveaway (hooray for you lucky peeps), so you may want to stay tuned. :)

I've been doing various crafty-crafty projects lately, including one VERY late night a couple of weeks ago, and learning new skills.

I learned how to make this:

to which I've also made this, with fabric for another two awaiting their turns patiently.

The blue/brown/cream combo is already reserved for someone special, but the other has been posted to my shop and is looking for a new home. As much as I love these quilts, they are EXPENSIVE to make and very time consuming. I'd say each one involves between 4-6 hours from start to finish. Oh, but aren't they so worth it?! The brown fabric has tons of pills on's like your favorite sweater that you wear so much and starts balling up...the saddest story. It was my favorite material...besides the cream waffle chenille. I think most of the other fabrics in either of these are from the Moda line.

If you'd like a custom order, let me know...although, i can't promise they'll be the same as the ones I've already made...they're one of a kind and i really don't think I could duplicate them exactly.


Nat said...

I love those! Great job, too, they're gorgeous!! Someone gave us one made like that when we got married -- only adult-sized.

Evonne said...

I'm ready to place my custom order! Cowboy-a-rama, baby!

These turned out so great! I'm amazed at your crafting skills.

shannon said...

oh my gosh, they are gorgeous. and yes, i want one!