Friday, November 30, 2007

I just dropped a load

At lunchtime I headed home to help Ryan measure our house for new flooring. On Wednesday I cleaned up the most disgusting mess I've ever seen come out of our dog (twice) and then after that got cleaned up and Ryan got home that night, the puppy got sick AGAIN and made a mess on the floor. Exhasperated, I yelled, 'THAT'S IT! I'm not dealing with this damn carpet and not being able to clean it anymore!'

Ryan said, 'I said you could get new flooring. This is your green light."

I grumbled back something to the effect of, 'fine. I'll look tomorrow."

I ordered $600 of flooring today; a bargain if you really think about it. We only have 420 sqft that we're wanting to replace the carpet for. Not that much.

Also, it's been a REALLY long week. At work, at home. All around. I've sold 4 of my oh-so-cute fingerpuppet bags this week...Which means I need to finish them STAT and get them shipped off to some cute little fingers.

I'm shipping one to Paris! How fun is that?

I'm going to try really hard this weekend to get some major house cleaning and project finishing done. My husband is about to go ballistic from the constant state of mess I leave the house when I'm making things.

Stockings and Glittery ornaments to be added to my shop soon. I'll need to take better pictures of the stockings. They're so much nicer/prettier in person than in the pictures I managed.


shannon said...

crap, you are busy! oh, but i love the bags and you'll love your new wood flooing. it's diving!

shannon said...

i meant divine...can't spell tonight obviously!

deb said...

That bag is darling!!

Thanks Chelsea for entering our giveaway. :)