Monday, November 13, 2006

One Year Anniversary.....and Black Friday

OH! On Saturday was the anniversary of when we decided to get married! November 11th. 11/11...what a fun memory. Knowing I'd designed a ring I wanted, he was snooping on my computer last year around this time to figure out what it looked like and how quickly he could get it made...but he wasn't too successful and we ended up going to a few jewelers before we found the best deal and highest quality. Look how cute and in love we are!

I am SO excited this year for the Thanksgiving Day and Day After sales. Ryan and I are wanting to get a new TV for our Christmas gift this year and we hope we can snag a schnazzy big number for a little moo-lah.

Because we're sneaky sneaky, we found out about who will have what we want! I hope no one else plans on going to Circuit City that day, because I'll beat you down for my place in That's the #1 priority and then the other awesome deals will be at Target and Walmart. Although, Best Buy is selling some boxed DVD sets for around $15.

My lovely husband just got a cold and isn't doing too hot. I feel so bad for him when he's sick. He's such a trooper and goes to work and carries on as before, just hopelessly miserable.

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