Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Finally we have some real snow!

I just took this picture this morning and I can't believe how much it's still coming down. It's absolutely beautiful. Kayleigh and I watched them plow the parking lot and it honestly looks like it needs to be done again (that was 45 min ago).

So, Friday was my company Christmas activity day. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE my office! We have so much fun, and, being in sales it can be quite discouraging at times, but we've been able to keep things lively enough and lighthearted that anyone who gets in a slump doesn't get deeply depressed.

Friday morning started like this:

Wake up and get to work at 8:05 (earliest in a long time)
Eat donuts and milk and hot chocolate and told the schedule for the day, while I hand out little gifts I'd gotten for all my co-workers (see pics of cookies and chinese boxes with Pickle Ornament below)

Around 8:45/9ish we start opening company gifts, but in one of the funnest ways. It's almost like a white-elephant gift exchange, but with added "survivor" rules. Essentially, numbers are drawn from 1-14, 14 being the last to open gifts. The first person opens a gift and we all go in sequential order. The recipients have the option of stealing a previously unwrapped gift or going to the pile and choosing a wrapped one. Honestly, funnest game! You have to realize what kinds of gifts were available. There was an XBOX 360, an iPod 4G Nano, a cookware set, CD players, DVD/DVR recorders, overnight stays to bed and breakfasts, surround sound home theater system, camera, 6 airsoft pistols with ammo, a tool set, a portable dvd player pack, a Kitchenaid...seriously, these are the people I work for.

What number was I? Why, 14 of course! I got the pick of the litter. No one could steal my gift from me. It was awesome. I ended up with the camera.

We were all incredulous to the generosity of the company!

So after we opened gifts, we headed out to buy gifts for a Sub for Santa family we were sponsoring and to do it quickly enough to fit in lunch and make it to our mystery activity on time.

Lunch at Training Table in Provo. It was okay, not to die for delicious, but good.

Then we carpooled (meaning, Eric and John drove) to Soldiers Hollow where we went tubing! It was a blast. At first I was apprehensive about having to get all wet and gross, but really, the tubes have a cover over the bottom so snow doesn't creep up through and sprinkle your backside. The best part? The fact there was a tow rope and we didn't have to hike up the hill to come back down.

It was an awesome day. I came home (at 5) tired and sore (from holding onto the tubes, go figure) and happy it was a Friday.

Here are some other pictures from the last week or so. Kayleigh ended up not using this Victoria's Secret box for its intended purpose. Our makeshift Wiseman.

And I spent my night while my DH was at work making these. They're YUM!

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Anonymous said...

Kayleigh is so weird. Were you guys doing this for a purpose, or were you just bored? I wish I was there though, it looks fun. And your house looks great.