Wednesday, February 21, 2007

doggie treat, anyone?

So my birthday is in two days and I'll be 25. I just got used to saying I was 24...seriously! I said 23 up until 4 mos ago, just because I'm retarded. This year has flown by and I can't believe how much has happened since last February.

*I got married
*I got a dog (something I NEVER thought I'd do, I don't even like the little beasts)
*I got a new job (for the best company ever...seriously, if you're good at sales, you'll want to work at my office)
*Ryan graduated from BYU cum laude
*We bought a house
*Ryan's car broke down
*My sister lived with us
*My sister moved out

so much more, but seriously. A year flies by, people.

So a little work story:

Every once in awhile someone opens their mouth and says they'll do something or eat something for $. Well, we turn to Todd again. This guy is a nutjob. He downed one of those garlic butter sauce containers from Papa Johns for $2. A heart attack for $2. He's nuts. Yesterday takes the cake.
Our coworker, Amy, didn't want to miss the company meeting and her dog groomers were late in finishing the pooches, so she brought them in. After the meeting Todd says, Chad, I'll give you $2 to eat that dog biscuit. (this biscuit is one of those huge milkbone for big dogs...EW) Chad counters with, I'll give you $2 to eat it. Everyone else saw what was potentially going to happen and said, I'll give you $1...he got $6 when he started chowing down.

That is one of the most alfalfa-ey dirt-y smell ever. Seriously, it took him 10 minutes to get it down. So nasty. Here are some pictures to document the fun event.

I told you I work in an awesome office. My life rocks.


shannon said...

Chelsea...that's hilarious. I once lied to my co-worker and gave him a "brownie" which really was a carob dog brownie. it can buy them at walmart if you need to have another dog food eating party!

Rocketgirl said...

Holy crap that's funny, I found that stuff on too!! You are like my sale sister - are you sure we weren't seperated at birth (plus 2 years?;)

Rocketgirl said...

Heehee, just noticing your animal thing (I can't stand animals, yes, I'm a bad person) and my SIL wrote about it today and made me giggle. Why did you get a dog if you can't stand them? Just curious!