Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Closet for Old Shoes

For my b-day gift from mom and dad, mom decided to come to Utah and make built in shelving for my and Ryan's closet. We have a decent-sized closet (8.5x5.5) and the builders just stick in those cheap plastic coated racks. (Pictures later)

Mom did an awesome job. Ry and I have about 2 weeks to get what's done so far completely caulked (seals the wood to the wall and gives it a finished look) and painted until she comes back to finish the last piece and fasten the shoe shelves together. As you'll soon see in the pictures, it's a wonderful improvement. Not only does it help my lack of organization immediately, but when we end up selling our condo, should be able to boost our asking price or distinguish our cookie-cutter house from the next. Now, if we could only figure out where exactly we'll be moving and when!

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