Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wheeler & Dealer

If any of you know me, you know how much of a bargain hunter I am, to the point of it being a problem!

I get teased at work for my constant use of the phrase "I have a coupon" or "want me to find you a coupon code?" - for online buys. Seriously, I'm addicted to good deals.

Recently I went to DownEast Home (they are an outlet store for Pottery Barn (& PBK), Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Williams-Sonoma, and RedEnvelope. I usually go for the monogrammed linens and soft goods because they're soooo cheap and so simple to rid them of the pesky extra thread.

Last week I scored these awesome Pottery Barn pillow shams for ONE BUCK

*The big pillows in the back*

Anyway, so I get them home and it only took me about 30 min to get the monogramming out with my handy-dandy seam ripper. Toss them in the wash, and voila! brand new. Pillows for these are as cheap as $8 and they make the bed seem so much more elegant. I can't decide if I want to go get more and list them on ebay...either way, someone is getting a good deal.

I think my FAVORITE DownEast Home find is either the wedding mementos box I got for $3 last year, or the baby blanket I got a few months ago for $3 (I got the brown one for $3 and found the pink one the other day for $5 --i tried talking them down to $3 for that as well, but it didn't work). Either way, I rock.

My other acquisition is a revamped lamp and newly purchased lampshade. I got a lamp a couple of years ago from PublicSurplus (used to work for them)and it was sitting in my trunk up until Feb. when I sanded it down, painted it black, sealed it, and then went on a quest for a lampshade. I didn't find one that fit perfectly, so I improvised. After 2 purchased and returned, I looked at a third walmart and sought out the clearance lighting section. For some reason, they had this really ugly lamp base with this kickin' shade. (picture soon, camera battery DEAD). It looks hot on my lamp and adds the perfect touch to our casita. So, long story short, 1 extra shade than bases at store, took to cashier and convinced her it was worth $5 for the extra shade, even though the lamp/shade combo was clearancing for $15. I was so proud of me big self.

If you need a bargain, chances are, I can help!

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ThorpeFamily said...

Next time we need to get a good deal we will have you help us! :)