Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Animal Cruelty

Last night my sisters and I tried to color Easter eggs. I say 'tried' because our efforts weren't much better than those when we were 4 or 5, okay, maybe 6. I bought a little glitter kit and thought, OOh! These will be pretty and sparkly (fockly). What a mess!

The eggs were all weird colors because those little die tablets didn't dissolve completely and ended up giving the eggs streaks. I ended up pulling out the little droppers of food coloring and adding tons to intensify the dyed eggs. Still, kind of lackluster results. Then the glitter.

Kayleigh dipped a blue egg first into the glue mixture (which didn't dissolve either, producing weird globs of a glue-like substance) and tinted the rest of the solution. Then you're supposed to shake it in this little cardboard glitter container. We ended up just taking the bag and shaking it all around and made a glorious glitter-filled mess.

The highlight of the night came during cleanup. My dog (who is now a whole year old!) is a scrounger and will eat anything or chew on anything he can (he doesn't like fruit, actually). We gave him a taste of a little vinegary drink. Can you guess what color?

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exclusive_remedy said...

Hey, I didn't think your eggs were that bad. The streaks caused by the non-dissolving tablets turned out pretty. And you are right about Thunder's tongue - that is hilarious! Also, I love the closet by the way - it looks so great!!