Sunday, April 22, 2007

"I bet this is a commercial for Ruby Tuesday."

It was for Fancifeast Cat Food. Kayleigh was really wrong.

Not much new tonight. Ryan was at work today in the morning and in the afternoon our friends Caitlyn and Chase stopped by. They've been in Brazil for the last 3 months for a study abroad/volunteer program and got back last weekend. Caitlyn was/is really good friends with Ryan's ex-girlfriend and Chase and Ryan were roommates while he and Laura dated and Chase and Caitlyn got engaged. They're cute together. They're Zim and Gir. They're graduating this week and are in town to walk and finish up a few papers.

Also, I made a most delish dish today. I really was going for green chile chicken dip, but it's tough to make without green chiles. So instead I added garlic and cheese and cooked some rice. It was so good. Basically it tasted like an extra creamy hawaiian haystacks sauce, but it was wonderful by itself over some rice and a side of maiz.

In case you haven't heard: There's a new landlord in town. Beware.

YouTube removed the video, but you can find it here. It's called The Landlord

(on a side note: it's really sad they had to make this little girl swear to make it so freaking funny)

This one is just priceless.

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ThorpeFamily said...

Awww we always wondered what they were up to! Gosh its bad how you loose track of ppl!

Ps. Do you guys have Invader Zim on DVD?! Or was that Marcus or Mike?!