Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what the blimey...

I played hooky from work today...for a few reasons.

It was sooo nice snuggling next to Ryan for the extra couple of hours this morning. I'm always so jealous that he gets to sleep in a few extra hours when I struggle with NOT hitting the snooze button a fourth time (yep, 3 times usually does the trick). So I sent off a quick email to my manager (which is reason #2) and went back to sleep and snuggled with my sweet hubby.

Also, I'm really really really struggling to deal with my manager. He was hired a few months ago and for the first two months, seemed to come in and out of the office and no one knew where he was and when he was coming finally the owners said something to him and he seemed to be getting least the ratio of personal calls to business calls is in favor of business now.

But last night right before I left the office I thought of a customer I hadn't talked to in awhile and started looking through the notes for him and saw that said manager has just seemed to...hmmm...i dunno, sell him stuff...WHAT THE CRAP! It's so frustrating (anyone who's ever been in sales can empathize) that I've been in touch with someone over the course of a year and a new guy comes in and just jumps on it! I'm so pissed off right now, i don't want to be around the guy...I'm having a hard time working for someone I have no respect for. I'm going to ask him about it tomorrow and if he doesn't give me any of the credit, I'll talk to the owner --he won't stand for this poor business etiquette...just poor practice and lowers morale for everyone. Anyone have stories like this? Having to deal with something at work that is totally out of line? - OH! just found out a SECOND person. THAT'S IT!!!


Nat said...

Oh geez.... I'm sorry things aren't getting better over there! I don't blame you for playing hooky to "snuggle". :)

By the way, your Etsy stuff is really cute!

shannon said...

chelsea that totally sucks. i can't relate at all, i've had amazing bosses for the last 5 years! but on to better things...i need some of those booties that you posted to below. my best friend is having a girl in a month and she saw your site and is DYING for them. how much and when can i pick them up. she wants some color ones and some white ones for the baby's blessing.
are they on your etsy site?

Leah Marie said...

That was happening at my job a few months ago. The woman kept sweeping and closing deals that really belonged to other people. The owner (who happens to be my mother) canned her @#*.

Stand up for yourself. Its not just about the commission, its about not having a hostile working environment, ya know?

Bless your heart.