Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Can Teach Me How to Knit?

Because I want to make this blanket:

And you can get the pattern here.


Micah and Melinda said...

Wow all i know is the crocheting and not very well! That is beautiful... try at a yarn store they usually have classes... or volunteer at an old folks home hahah you know at least one grandma in the joint can knit!

Julie P said...

I have been reading your blog... I clicked on the link from a friend of mine. Love the blanket, I looked at the pattern it would actually be really easy to knit (I am a knitter). You should be able to find tutorials online that would show you how to knit. Practice a couple of squares knitting and purling and you would be set to make that blanket!!

Go to, it has great videos :)

Good luck!

disillusioned said...

The Yarn Barn downtown gives classes.

Mary P.

Evonne said...

Beautiful! When you find a teacher, pass along the info. I would love to learn, but it's a talent (or non-talent, I should say) I've never been able to commit to.

exclusive_remedy said...

Chels, I was going to teach you to knit a long time ago (I think anyway) but it never happened. Sadness. But that is an awesome blanket. You could learn to knit easy I know it. :) I have faith in you! If I can do it, you can.