Friday, December 12, 2008

Fourth Picture of Fourth Folder

just happens to be a Christmas picture. go figure.

I have 4 of these hanging on our Christmas tree. I made them last year for an ornament swap and made a few extra to keep. They are so simple and primitive, but they don't match the rest of the ornament style of our tree {which is more glitter and glamorous - I like shiny things}.


mmclinger said...

Still super cute!

exclusive_remedy said...

You are too cute. I talked to my mom the other day and she said to tell you that you need to update more often because she checks your blog and its been forever! Funny eh? Tell Ryan that Weltha is doing great.

mmclinger said...

I found a cute site, not as cute as your stuff, but still cute. Homemade by jill... there is a link on her site to do super cute head bands and since I remember earlier this year you having cute head bands I though you might like it! (phew, sorry it took awhile to get that out) They look super easy! I am going to try and make some this week!