Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hasta, Hermanos

I've been avoiding starting this post for a couple of reasons: the first being that I'm kind of lazy and the second being that whenever I think about my brothers and the decisions they've had to make and the crap they've had to overcome to get to be where they are, my eyes well up with tears and my heart is full of pride. Not that I intend to use cliches when describing my feelings , but I really have no better way to describe it.

Last weekend I flew down to Las Vegas and was picked up by my sisters and my Uncle Brian to make the rest of the journey to Kingman. (Note: at this point it was 1am for me and I'd been awake since 6:30am)

I got to bed at 4. Yes, I'm kind of stupid. But I loved staying up for that hour or so with my sisters and catching up just briefly.

Good times were had - fast forward to Sunday. Both Ken and Stuart gave great talks in Church; Ken about...about...well crap, I was just thinking about it and now I can't remember (sometimes I honestly think I'm losing my mind. Tonight Ryan and I were having dinner and I was trying to use one of the phrases: "off the radar" or "off the grid" and I couldn't think of the word GRID. GRID, people! What is wrong with me?!).

Either way, both my brothers gave great talks. The YM/YW got up and sang a medley (As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth - yes, you know the one. That one.) and it was stupid. Not bad, no, it was great, actually. But stupid because after they were done a good majority of us on the row were bawling and it was ruining makeup. I didn't take waterproof with me, sheesh! Think about that next time, you YM/YW, before you go on singing and making people cry.

Afterward we took some great pictures that I won't post because I can see just how much more I need to work out, and then we headed to Hillary and Jeremiah's house to have lunch and get ready for the open house later that night.

Look at all the delicious food! MMMmmm...oh yes, this is why my working out isn't...uh...working out. My family is talented. And we're all such great cooks! Thanks, mom! She taught us well (for all you non-cookers/bakers out there, all it takes is a good recipe and knowing where you can take creative license and where you need to follow the recipe. I'll call that practice. It takes practice.)

The rest of the weekend was spent entertaining the kids or vice versa. My nieces and nephew are QUITE the entertainers, didn't you know. Jack kept walking around saying, "it's MY money and I need it NOW!" and Callie danced a little ditty and Aunt Chelsea taught her the song and dance about meeting a senorita at the Kentucky Fair and how to shake it (baby) shake it. Like I said, entertaining.

And sweet little Ellie. That girl could charm the pants off of anyone with her giggle. She's all smiles and those big blue bright eyes. I wish I lived closer. Then it would almost be like I had a baby. Ellie took an hour or two to warm up to me, but when she did, we were like mashed potatoes and gravy. I love that little girl.

Okay, back to the non-mushy stuff.
This post is already really long, so we'll just finish off by bringing it up to present. The baby of the family is also the tallest of the lot. And I'd have to say, quite a handsome devil, or as Ryan says, Classically Handsome. He came to visit with us on Thursday and left yesterday. I felt terrible that I couldn't just take days off work and hang out with him and we could go on adventures, but alas, when we had time to go out {Saturday} the sky opened up and rain poured down all day - and then turned into ice at night. Sunday was gorgeous. The gorgeous it should have been for Saturday. Church was Fast & Testimony meeting and I so wanted to get up and be a good example for him, but I thought about it and what I wanted to say, and I teared up. And that was just in my seat. I'm not one to get up and mumble incoherently in Sacrament Meeting about how proud I am of him, when it would probably have been at a decibel only the neighborhood dogs could hear {c'mon, we all know people who do that!}.

Ha! You believed me when I said non-mushy stuff, right? Hahaha.

He and Thunder became fast friends. Thunder would follow him around and snuggle up next to Stu. I especially liked hearing him play the guitar. It made me wish I'd followed up my lessons with actual practice. For heaven's sake - I took a class for it, after all.

When it was time to hug him good-bye at the airport I held back tears, even though they tried more than once to force their way out.
I'm so proud of you, little brother. Do good.


Becka Dietrich said...

Chels, what a great post. I love the handwritten look - it's like we're getting a peak into your personal journal and feelings.

Vicki said...

I can't believe Stuart. He is all growed up! Wow. I feel old now. Thanks. I know what you mean by the decibels only dogs can hear. Aaron didn't know he was marrying Beaker until it was my turn to say our vows at the alter. I was fine until I heard him say our vows and then it was my turn - bad, bad, bad! Brides should totally be allowed to say the vows's just not in our favor!

Micah and Melinda said...

I recognize the church house (well the front yard area)!!!!! yeah for your brothers and i have always thought you had an extremely talented family!