Monday, April 27, 2009


Since we moved here to Kansas and we have chosen to be more wise in our monthly expenditures, our cable subscription has suffered. And by suffered I mean it's non-existent.

What was previously included in our HOA fees and taken for granted is sorely missed - at least by one member of the Alexander household.

So what do we do? We rely on the good old interwebbing of networked television shows and some not-so-up-and-up sources to catch the various series we now plan our evenings around. Yes, that's not even a lie.

Tonight was Chuck. And How I Met Your Mother, shortly followed by The Big Bang Theory.

We act slave to our internet. First thing in the morning I wake up, pee, brush my teeth and log in to my computer. Okay, I have a good reason, though. I work remotely and I really HAVE to do that.

But seriously, what did we do as a society before the internet?

Probably watched more TV and went outside more.

There's not really a point to this post from here. It went in a completely different direction than when I started it and what I intended it for. So I'll cut back to my original thought and leave it be.

I'm using to watch another Masterpiece Classic. Little Dorrit. I'm really liking it. 5 parts, tonight is the 5th. All 5 are posted and up for a limited time. I'm guessing the first will be taken down shortly...very shortly. It's a great story, def. not a waste of time.

Even if you don't actually watch it, but simply listen, it's a whole heckuva lot faster than reading Dickens.

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