Thursday, October 08, 2009

Apple Core


Who's your new best friend? ME!

Because you'll be happy to know my little trick: melon baller.

Fuzzy as this picture may be, it tells it all. I have one of those double enders. I think I picked it up at the dollar store last year. I use the big end to make sure I get everything.

It's the cutest little cavity. You could fill it with raisins and hand it off to your kiddos for a snack without any leftover core ending up on your couch or throw pillows.

You're welcome. Tell all your friends.


Tara said...

Is this picture fuzzy because you took it with my camera and you're not sure how to use such a high-tech device? :)

laura said...

that totally reminds me of this

you HAVE to try those!!!

Chelsea said...

no, it's fuzzy because I snapped it in bad lighting (it's raining today) and had to get it before my battery died. So then I made it look like it was meant to be like that...sorta.

Chelsea said...

Laura - how funny! I have that issue it was in and never thought about that! I actually did it because I was in the middle of making dinner and wanted a quick way to core the apple (yeah, i know, it saved just a few more seconds than cutting it out, but believe me, it works great)!

Micah and Melinda said...

Nice Chels! Now if only I could get my guys to eat more fruit!

A dollup of PB in the hole would be so cute... mmm or carmel!

Natalie said...

Baltimore! I never knew what that word was. I remember hearing it on a Chip and Dale episode as a kid and chipmunk is sorta hard to understand.

Lovely idea, too :)

Miss-tearious said...

Oooh, so clever!