Monday, October 05, 2009

Door Jamb

I woke this morning with a full night's sleep under my belt, ready to start the day and tackle one of my projects.

As you might have guessed, it was the front door.

This is the before. Not terrible, but ready for a makeover.
This is the almost-after.
It needs another coat of paint and I'm probably going to lightly sand it before I slap on the final layer.

Unfortunately, it's still tacky and I can't really do much more tonight. I also did a little exra work and changed the doorknob and deadbolt. Previously we only had a deadbolt and a really ugly round ball knob. It seemed like it should be an inside doorknob, not an outer door one.
The mistake I made was only purchasing one set. I was made aware that we have a deadbolt for the kitchen/laundry room door{who knew!} and I didn't get a matching set. So tomorrow when I pull off the knobs to sand and paint, I might be returning these knobs to get a double set.


laura said...

it looks great!

we have a gray house with black shutters, so i painted our door black, too. lately i've been itchin' to paint mine an apple green, like this one

the husband says "no", but i'm sure he'll come around... especially since i've already bought the paint for it!!!

Chelsea said...

Laura - I love that! I just showed my husband and he also said, no way.

But then again, he wasn't so sure about black and he's on board now. He was actually surprised I didn't paint it red since that's the color you'd want it for maximum curb appeal. I reasoned with him that we're not selling our house for at least another 4 years and we can repaint.

So, all that rambling, I'd say DO IT! If he gets home and it's done, what's the worst that could happen?

Micah and Melinda said...


Anonymous said...

i love it!
and a little story...when we were teenagers my mom really really wanted to paint the kitchen pink. she had these flowery pink and yellow curtains and thought it would be adorable. my dad was against she waited for him to go on a training trip for work and painted it pink!!! she told him over the phone so he had a chance to get used to the idea...and pink it stayed for YEARS!

Becka Dietrich said...

I love black doors. They make any house look fresh and updated. And with the white welcome sign it will be fantastic. I'm glad you're getting a lot of your projects finished!