Monday, November 09, 2009

Emma 2009

As many know, I'm a lover of most things British. Our first girl's name is most likely going to be Jemma {although I'm really loving Elliot lately} and if it had been possible for Ryan to do his doctorate in England, there we'd be.

This may or may not have started with my adolescent reading of Pride & Prejudice. I was so smitten with that singular novel, that I've devoured any scrap of film that depicts any of Jane Austen's novels. Tonight is Emma, released in the UK {you lucky blokes!} last month. It was available on the BBC website, but of course, since we're not in the British Isles, I can't stream it. For shame.

I was given a tidbit of information that it's on youtube! So currently, I'm watching Emma in ten minute segments that are simply {sigh} simply delightful. Sure, the costume and manners aren't entirely accurate to the period, but really, was Kiera Knightly's 2005 adaptation of Elizabeth Bennett accurate? Hells, no.

What I'm especially in love with in episode one {because that is as far as I've gotten thusly} are the dresses! BEAUTIFUL gowns, not dowdy in the slightest. And the hairstyles are a close second. They're more 2009 than 18th century, but they just work.

Forgive the grainy quality of the pictures. I had to settle for a screenshot from youtube.

I can totally see the top of this orange frock on one of my super-stylish friends {that would be Ashley, of course} and worked with a cute pencil skirt or even a dark rinse jean. If only I still had the figure!

I can't wait until this is available for purchase here. CAN'T WAIT!


laura said...

my mom's a HUGE pride & prejudice fan. i swear she has every version of it on her tivo.

oh, and elliot is my daughter's name so i vote for that one :)

April said...

I sincerely hope that this movie gets in your hand and in your suitcase before Christmas! I want to see it!!!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

First of all I would like to say you are gorgeous Chelsea! Anyone could pull this off. Of course, I love it and I've really been wanting to make some clothes lately. I just may use this as my inspiration. Thanks for the great ideas, you are continual full of them!

Natalie said...

Elliot, huh? I liked that one, too, but Steve thought it was too embedded in Scrubs ;)