Thursday, November 12, 2009

Martha Stewart Holidays

My current subscription to Martha Stewart Living expired in October and I chose not to renew it for a few reasons. I miss the monthly issues, but I still have the special editions that I can pick up at the grocery store or bookstore {which weren't included in the subscription to begin with} and I think they're probably the cream of the crop issues.

This Winter edition is no exception. Look at the beautiful cover!

I love having the recipes online and readily accessible, but to me there's just something so savory about having the recipes and gorgeous pictures alongside each other in one place. So I buy the issues and I keep them forever.

I've gone as far as to take them to Kinko's {when it was still Kinko's} to have a cover and binding put on extra special issues to keep them in better condition. I stopped doing that, of course, but that doesn't mean I'm not still tempted!


laura said...

what would we do without 'martha'!

a couple of years ago 'down east outfitters' was selling all of the editions of the 'martha kids' and 'martha baby' magazines for $1 a piece. seriously, one of the best purchases i've ever made. i cleaned out the whole store!

Chelsea said...

Laura -

That was YOU?! I went to the one in Orem all the time and never found the Martha Stewart Baby but found quite a few issues of Martha Kids and I did the same thing!

I was REALLY lucky and found almost all the issues at DI once for $0.25 each and I bought everyone they had and sold the extras on eBay. And now I wish I would have kept them!