Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A More Proper Update

So I've noticed that lately my writing has been lackluster. I read through my old posts, mostly from a few years ago, and notice that I was less inhibited in hammering out my opinions and sharing my well-I'll-be-damned attitude.

What happened? Did I become self-conscious because I've spread my proverbial wings and know more people are reading my thoughts? Do I care more what others think of me now? Or, really, and I think this might be the case-did I grow up?

I think I must have grown up a little bit in the 1100 miles from Utah to Kansas.

Either way, I want to thank everyone who stops by and leaves a word of encouragement or a note saying they hate my guts with a passion of 10,000 Himalayan goats. {Kidding about the last part - I don't really care about the nationality of goats}. It's nice to know that I am not only writing for my amusement, but for 1 or 2 others as well. So, genuinely, a heart-felt thank you. From me, to you.

Moving on, I had a very eventful February. I'll share it, mostly in a bulleted list with a few pictures thrown in for good measure.

{who likes reading a long boring post with nothing to visually break it up? I know I don't, personally}

  • On Feb. 5th I got a job. Praise to the Lord. I start March 8th
  • On a sad note, I got a job that starts March 8th - boo to relinquishing my freedom.
  • On the 23rd I entered my 28th year. Which, according to my sweet husband, we entered into last year. He's aging me, I tell you ;)
  • Church was cancelled due to freezing rain (not sleet, nor snow...it's a midwest phenomenon) and snow. Really, though, it was less snow than what accumulates in an afternoon in Provo.
  • Celebrated said birthday with lots of friends and a round of bring-your-own-food-to-hang-out at my house. Conveniently on the day church had been cancelled.
  • I got a fabulous birthday present from my husband. He got me a jigsaw. I've already put it to good use.
  • I built a bookcase. It's not quite finished. I'll post pictures when it's had its proper slathering of paint.
  • I received an even better gift from my mother and father: Cold Hard Cash. yes, please! Thanks M&D!
  • I got this from one of my sisters:
  • Which I used to buy these:
  • We FINALLY got our taxes done! Our great friends, Tom and Erin, introduced us to some fabulous people, which resulted in getting both 2008 and 2009's taxes done.
  • Applied for student loanage for school year 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. oy!
  • Spent a Saturday gallivanting around town with my great friend Brooke. We went to a local artists sale, then continued on to the antique stores in North Lawrence. I bought this:
The month is over and I'm excited to see what March will bring...besides an income!


exclusive_remedy said...

You got a job? I think you did mention this before, but it didn't sink in. Where? Doing what? That is super exciting for you! Sounds like your whole month was great. I am excited to see what March brings as well!

Karen Ruth said...

I absolutely love the animal fabric! I just may take a trip over to Sarah's soon...I haven't done any sewing for quite some time!

Becka Dietrich said...

Love the fabric - if/when I have kids I'm expecting the cutest blankets. And I'll try to get more pictures for my blog since I now know you find it so boring without ;)
And good luck on the new job next week!

Cristi said...

That biscuits tin is SUPER cute! And those fabrics? To die for! You're so talented I can never wait to see what you come up with!

Cristi said...

Wait ... did my last comment post? I'm always in such a hurry that I never make sure to check and see! Sorry! Doi! ;)

keighty said...

I heart the animal fabric, and the polka dots. I'm seriously contemplating learning how to quilt to make something for Imogen (because I'm ambitious enough to think I can get one done in four months AND finish grad school AND find a job AND a new place to live), and seeing those cute prints inspires me even more. Now, to actually buy the stuff and figure out how to do it...