Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Just Something I Made

I discovered a fabulous site a few weeks ago, shared it with a few people, and then two weeks after that decided it was time to start building a solution for my disheveled mess of a project room. I'm lucky enough to have my own space in our house to do with whatever I please {there will be pink!} and thus, it sits in piles of its own filth.

So, out with the stink, in with the pink.

This bookshelf wasn't really all that quick to make, but it could be faster with the right tools for the job. I'll be investing in a nail gun and air compressor before attempting the other two.

OH! cost breakdown:
screws and nails: ~$5
1 sheet of 3/4" MDF: $35
Wood filler: $4
Sandpaper; $4.50
Beadboard Plywood - the back: $20
2 Pine 1x2s: $1 each
Estimated total {well, minus tools of course}: $71.50. Not bad for under $75, eh?

Plans from here. I made modifications to the lines on the front. I happen to LOVE the angles of mine even more than those from Land of Nod.
those blobby splotches on the side are the screw holes, covered in wood filler. currently drying and will be sanded before painting

I still have some more work to on the left side where the wood beadboard paneling is showing from the back? Mr. Home Depot didn't quite get it square. Oh well, that's what I have my handy-dandy jigsaw for.

Now onto painting: what color? White - keeps it pretty usable in any room for the future; this yellow - since I'm pretty sure my room will be mostly yellows and greys {if you recall, my paint is grey - Gray Owl to be exact}; or pink - like this pink and grey room...but my grey is much much lighter
Love it? Hate it? OpiƱiones, please.


Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I do love yellow and gray. Pink and gray look good as well, but probably only dark gray.

This bookcase is adorable. I am so impressed by your skills. It will organize your stuff very nicely.

Ana White said...

I like your sides better too! Can't wait, and I vote for pink (because I love pink!). Love it!


Evie B. said...

You are AMAZING! Go yellow...when in doubt, always go yellow. :)

Micah and Melinda said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I love pink do 2 pink and 1 white or you could get difficult and paint gray and pink on the bead board! What ever you do will be awesome!!

keighty said...

I love the yellow. Will it all be one color, or will the back be different than the shelves (or any other combination)?

And I vote YES on a quilt day. I'm available most Saturday afternoons except for the 13th. Whatever works for you! That'll motivate me to get the stuff to do it!

hillary said...

White, but do the room pink/grey, JUST like the picture. LOVE IT! (Ellie's sitting on my lap pushing my hands while I'm TRYING to type saying "Do it! Do it, Mama!" LOL

April said...

You are so industrious. Amazing. My opinion on the color??...I got super excited when you said pink..but then again, I do love grey and yellow, and yellow seems to go with I say yellow and then in two years paint it pink :)

Annalee said...

...Just randomly found your blog, and I've now spent way too much time to admit to reading it!!

Love all the projects! [I went to BYU too!!]

Any chance you'll ever post tutorials of your bibs or banners or anything? Love them!

megs said...

I love the pink and gray. I think I'd go white because I'm super practical, and would do it like hillary suggested - but my advice is to go BOLD and do a color!! Make it pop!

Gingerlylizzy said...

YELLOW! I love me some yellow.

Cristi said...

I LOVE that pink and grey room! SO cute!! Makes me want to do my craft room like that. A splash of yellow here and there would be cute too. Whatever you do will be cute!