Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Garden, Part II

The first harvest from my strawberry plants!

I have about 30 berries I kept. Another 6 or so were eaten through by bugs. I've washed these already and put them on a cookie sheet to freeze. They'll be perfect to toss in a smoothie for breakfast or to make into jam at a later date.

I'm constantly amazed at how well things grow here! It's quite encouraging for a beginning gardener to plant, water, watch, then harvest without too much failure. What a beautiful earth we live on.


Micah and Melinda said...

I'm loving your bountiful harvest and the ice cream social looked like such an awesome blast! What a woman!

Evie B. said...


Kayleigh said...

Haha... Last year I attempted to grow some herbs/spices and I failed miserably. This year I tried wheat grass and ruined that too!

It was partly because Utah weather changes as often as the mood of Hillary's kids, and because I just suck.

Kayleigh said...

PS - I HATE your blog settings! The pics don't show up on my Google Reader :(